Email address change

How do I change my email address, the 1 that is currently used for forum update, I do not monitor. I would like to change the address over.



Either PM me with information that I can use to validate your identity or contact Membership services.

Thanks Ian

I have only just managed to get logged on again, as my password was not being recognised, but all seems to be working now.



TNX for sorting it




I have just noticed that my log on name has reverted to the old forum name and that I have lost my posts, if you look at my post count it has gone from 130 to 3


Hmm… seems you have two accounts with the same email address, I’m going to change this one so that your 59Five account is the only one associated with your preferred address.


A very big Thankyou.

If you’re logged in you can click on the Profile link in the top banner and change your email address in there.