EML ,How to delete

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __2.5 1.8
  2. I’m based near: __Aberdeen
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: _EML REMOVAL

HI I am looking for info on a way to remove the EML , have issue with EGR , replaced with tested one, still have EML, Changing ECU with all associated parts and reprograming not a real option.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Removing the EML is a mistake and in any case the car should fail the MOT without it as in theory the tester should see the light come on and go out with the ignition.
Changing the ECU and associated parts is the only option; why are you rejecting it?
The EGR stepper motor will have blown and characteristically spiked your ECU. Whilst the car will still run fine, the EGR circuit is compromised and it seems that repair of the ecu is not likely to be a possibility.

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I just used to refit bulb before mot as it only came on after a few mile if you have the type that still has a bulb :grimacing:

Let me see if I have interpreted your post correctly.
You have had the EML light appear.
You have replaced the EGR valve.
The EML light is still on.
How was the EML diagnosed, I take it a code reader was used on the EOBD port?
Did the code given specifically show a faulty EGR valve?
After changing the EGR with a “tested” one did you rescan the EOBD and clear the codes?
Please let us know the answers to the above and someone may have a solution.

Good Luck



This guy was on here in May with the same issue and clearly thinks he can wing it irresponsibly.
No reply to the personal email sent then as well as the one sent this time.
The question is why did he bother posting?
An EML light with respect to this issue is not an immediate problem, although it should fail the MOT. The main issue is that there is only one EML light so if it is illuminated by a relatively marginal issue such as this, it could also mask a much more serious issue that would normally initiate the EML.


thanks, for that, unfortunately bulb on from second engine starts .
But keep it in mind


Hi thanks, you are correct, EML light on, diagnostic reading was for fault to EGR. Replaced it, same fault and reading, swapped it with one of another MX5 which had no problems , same issue, so game him back his EGR , no issues with his car.
We even put a blanking kit on still same issue.
OH after each attempt we cleared the fault codes. but after restart light came back on , and EGR code was back on .

Again thanks for the info.

THANKS for the email
sorry not fast enough for you

Rejecting it because the costs i have been quoted are far higher than the value of the car. Plus no guarantee this will sole the issue.


I emailed you in May, so yes six months to reply is a little on the slow side.
I did not mention any figures, so you have obviously got those from someone else.
I see you have actually got back to me privately so will reply to that in the minute.
Do you have the original cat on this car? If so take it off and sell it to avoid it being stolen and get you some cash.
You are a bit of a glass half empty type of person, aren’t you? I you can’t be bothered to spend few quid on the car with a proven solution that I will guarantee if you like, sell the car.

It’s also possible to tap into other timed functions behind the binnacle but I could never condone such bodgery :open_mouth: