End of the road for the 15/20 Car!

The winner of the red Mk1 MX-5 raffled by the MX-5 Owners Club in aid of Help for Heroes to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Club and the 20th anniversary of the car has been presented with his prize.

Club member Clive Marshall handed over the keys to a delighted father of two, Richard Head from Wokingham.

The BMW classic car enthusiast who cycles to work, and already owns a 1990 M3 convertible and a M635, as well as a Harley Sportster and BMW R1100S motorbike said: “I couldn’t believe my luck. I bought the ticket at the Silverstone Classic because it was a good cause.  It never occurred to me that I might win.  When I got the call to say that I had won the car my immediate reaction was ‘Wow’, someone does actually win – and this time it is me.  I have always liked the MX-5, particularly the Mk1 with its pop-up headlights because of the classic design.  My daughter Zoe, 13, and son Max, 11, are both very keen to inherit the car when they are old enough to drive but I think my wife Jo will have something to say about that.”

Seems like a nice guy, glad it’s gone to a good home.