Engine lost power

Model: 1999 NB
Near: London
Looking for help with Engine etc.

So I had picked up this car a few months back now and everything was fine did replaced all belts and pump, I had managed to get the timing slightly off but it ran and was fine. Being non interference 1.6 I didn’t worry a whole amount and waited to have time to do it again.

Tried to strip it down again and the bolt was stuck solid so put it all back together and drove for about 15-20 minutes before the car cut out and the rpm limited just bounced all over the place.

Breakdown said it definitely seemed like a timing issue or possibly sensor as well as a mechanic who came to check, hasn’t given me a quote so just trying to do myself again. .Took it apart found a way to adjust timing and its now top dead centre. Tried to start again and it just turns over and cranks but doesn’t start at all.

If anyone has any idea as I have failed to find a similar issue from other people.

Thanks in advance!

Have you perhaps got the timing 180 degrees out?
It happens.
Not sure of the timing set up without looking it up.
You will need to check the TDC of (Normally) number 1 piston and adjust the timing marks from that to suit so it fires/sparks in the correct order.

PS to expand.
Once you have set up Number 1 at TDC correctly, align the crankshaft mark (normally a scribe on the pulley wheel) to the mark on the casing.
Then align the camshaft gears to the marks.
On some engines you can lock them in position.
THEN put the cam belt back on and secure everything.

Seriously, if you are not sure about the whole thing get someone competent to do it for you.

Good luck and all the best. :+1:

drove for about 15-20 minutes before the car cut out and the rpm limited just bounced all over the place.

Are you saying that the rpm gauge was bouncing? Was this when the engine was running or when you tried to restart the engine?

If when you were trying to restart I would look electrical, battery voltage, battery connections, earth connections etc.

If I’ve misunderstood, just ignore me.

Good points and read a few times again.
Seems it was working fine before.
Changed timing belt, wasn’t working properly and knew timing was out.
But still drove it. :flushed:
Took apart again and tried to adjust but didn’t/couldn’t and drove it.
Revved all over the place and broke down.
Took apart again, fiddled/adjusted and not working at all now.
Imperative you sort out the mechanicals first.
Likewise, if I’ve missed something ignore me too.

It was only off by a tooth which from speaking to a pretty mechanically minded friend assured me it won’t be the end of the world.

I am going to double check TDC although everything lined up properly when I did this last night but again, cams and crank may somehow be out still.

I have compression tester and a spark tester on the way and a new cam sensor coming.

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When I tried to correct the timing I couldn’t shift the crank bolt so put it all back together and drove for 20minutes until mid journey the rpm bounced like crazy and then completely lost power

Because I don’t like being defeated it may have just been “bad luck” it happened when it did.
Have a read through the attached posts and in particular the sensors/ignition coil packs.
Might not be this though and good luck again.:+1:

Will definitely read through and absolutely appreciate the help!

Upon trying again I noticed and correct if wrong but find attached the possible issue? Cam pulleys are tdc and can tell as the two cam lobes are facing opposite each other. But I am wondering if the marks on the crank pulley is the issue? As the small metal tabs hit the crank sensor? However the crank itself is lining up with the mark just the pulley itself doesn’t…

It’s important that you do the crankshaft alignment first.
This will make sure that number 1 piston is at TDC ready for the firing compression stroke.
You can check its correct also by removing the spark plug and put a rod, (carefully) in and moving the crankshaft as it reaches the top of the stroke.
In actual fact remove all 4 plugs and it makes the whole process easier.
Then adjust the camshaft/s again to the correct marks.
Then put the cam belt back on without moving anything.
It would be wrong of me to comment on the marks without seeing it all.
But do a google search and you should find what you need.
Or hopefully someone else will come along with the information.
Various YouTube videos, but it may need a a specific sequence on these engines.
Again double check to be on the safe side.
Robbie about?

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Have you removed the timing plate during your later work? It will go on back to front and put the timing pegs out. There needs to be a 1mm air gap between the pickup and the crank sensor.

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I made sure the crank was aligned first and then worked (from the front view) right side cam then moved to left. The cranking itself sounds good and normal compared to when it brokedown and we cranked it sounded skippy.

I have just realigned it all and done it again to make sure and same issue arises no start.

I decided to inspect the wiring loom as I know the belts tend to chew the wires if they get close. And have noticed the crank sensor has been opened and shredded a bit. My feeling is the crank sensor is gone due to that as when I try and start the car the rpm needle doesn’t even budge and stays at zero.

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Thanks for getting involved. I have personally left that alone and not removed it myself since owning the car, as I had no idea when it came to that part and clearances.

Possibly lucky for me I have seen the crank sensor wire is chewed so it makes me think that is the problem fingers crossed

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Thanks for the help so far Scarlet, after reading it I quickly went back and checked it all and did what you said and still nothing

So far I am leading to the crank position sensor bottom of the engine and hopefully find one today or tomorrow.

The struggle is real🤣 but I am determined.

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When you’ve fixed it let us know and share.
Next time do the ironing instead! :wink::joy::joy:

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Ironing is definitely the better choice next time :rofl:

After a few days of waiting the new Crank Sensor came and after gapping it with a bank card. It turned over immediately.

The car now works as if it never happened and timing is perfect.

Thanks for all of your help on here! Certainly made me realise I wasn’t going crazy.

Now to remember to check wiring looms in the future not just hardware :joy:


Good man and a great result. :+1:
“We” all continue to learn something every day. :slightly_smiling_face: