Engine Number Identification

The old forum had a post explaining what the parts of the engine number meant , but I can’t find that now so can anyone help me out.

 The log book for my MX5 is incorrect and although the car is a 1.8 and the log book says 1.8 engine

The log book currently says

Make : Mazda

Model : 1600.

I assume it should be more like

Make: Mazda

Model: MX5  or Roadster or 1.8 or maybe all three

But should not say 1600, what do others have on thier log books ?

I need to prove to the DVLA what the car is before they will change it.

The engine number is     BP   783479 .

 Many thanks


“BP” is a 1.8 litre B series engine.  The 1.6 litre is “B6”.  Of course, I don’t imagine the DVLA will take “a bloke on the internet said so” as proof.[:)]

Have you asked the DVLA what proof they want?

They said they needed engine number and model type for the car , but i think they mean i need to prove it is not a Mazda 1600. rather than prove what it is.



 The engine number means very little (as said only the B6/BP give any information) and the number is just a serial number. The VIN tells you about the car, see this topic.

Hi, Hope this is not too stupid a question,

Where is the Engine Number?

My MX has has a replacement 2nd hand engine fitted and I can’t find an engine number on it. Is there anyway I can find out what year it is?


On a Mk1 1.6 the engine number is here, the top picture is just to show the general area

And exaclty on the opposite side on my 1.8

Thanks both of you, at least I know what I’m looking for and roughly where to look!, if it ever stops raining I’ll have a good look. I need a garage!,

 Sorry to drag this one up…

…I’m a newbie too to add insult to injury!!

Anyway… Hello :slight_smile:

Right, i am a little confused… I have a very late NA 1.6… which is 90bhp… isn’t it???

Chassis number says… JMZNA18C200315444… from info… apparently the engine type is after the ‘18’ bit and…

Vin Code MX-5 (EEC) NA from 200 001 (mine is 315444)

Engine Type:
C = BP 1,6 l 66 kW
P = B6 1,6 l 96kW

So C = BP 66kW…

…but on the block it says B6 927477

Is the other forum wrong?? or is there a late model anomolie… it goes like stink too relatively (from a 300hoss Impreza owner (sold) with an R1 in the garage)

…The reason for the interest is that I have bought a K&N 57i and it won’t fit, the listed item has a round MAF inlet, mine has a square…

Any help appreciated


 MMM I need a 57-0047. that AFM style apparently were only fitted up to 94…

…according to K&N…