Engine oil check

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __3.5
  2. I’m based near: __Hull
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: engine oil level
    I’ve tried to check the engine oil level after a drive and when the engine is still warm (but not hot) and I cannot see any oil on the dipstick and only a small amount wipes onto kitchen paper. Either I don’t have any oil or I’m not checking it properly. It had an oil change a few weeks ago with a major service so I would doubt it has run out of oil in that time (done about 280 miles since the service). Is there a knack to checking the oil level on a 3.5? Thank you.

car needs to be off for at least 10 minutes, and on a relatively flat location

if you don’t have a dipstick like this one, buy one

correct oil level needs to be maintained just over the upper hole

You can get the newer dipstick (do the later NC’s have them anyway) or with either check after the car has stood overnight, cold engine.
I do the above and it gives a true read, i agree it is difficult to read with an hot engine.

The old type disptick is notorious for being difficult to read.
Whilst some members will dispute this, a lot of us agree.
Buy the new style, and there’s no abiguity

Thank you for the replies. I bought a new dipstick from mx5 Parts and it’s much better than the original.

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Did you check the oil level after the oil change? When I have had an oil change done on my Skoda the garage only fills the car just to the lower mark on the dipstick. When I queried this they said that is where it should be. However after a service I always top it up to the halfway mark.

I would add some oil and see if it appears on the dipstick. To avoid any future engine problems it is recommended that a Mk3 oil level is always kept at the Max mark.