Engine oil recommendation for occasional trackday action!

 Morning all.

Longtime MX5 fan about to become a first-time MX5 owner. I’m buying a '90 Eunos for weekend fun and the occasional trackday, and wondered what engine oil (brand as well as weight) you experienced types would recommend. Opie Oils recommend 10W40 semi-syn, or 5W40 semi-syn as an upgrade, but I didn’t know if you knew better.

I’ve done numerous trackdays in other stuff over the years, but as this will be my first on-track outing in the Eunos, I want to make sure I’ve got the right stuff inside it first. So … any brand and weight recommendations are very welcome.

In anticipation, cheers!


Hi Carlos


Owners handbook recommends 10W30 for -20deg C and above, (with 5W30 for ambients below 0deg C) But for an older engine which your (I guess :wink: ) going to  be driving hard, 10W40 should be a good choice, as it will give you slightly higher viscosity, and hence better bearing film strength at high revs. You need to be confident of maintaining the bearing film at maximum rpm and load.

If your going to do much track use, change the oil a lot more frequently, as it breaks down quicker when you get it hot. A friend of mine races classic minis, and he changes the oil after every event.

Good luck