Engine revs dip, and crumbled clutch pedal stop?

Hello my fellow MX5 owners!


I’ve been having noticing a problem with mine as of late, (1991 Eunos, 132k miles) in that the engine revs will often dip below idle-

Usually when I start the engine, it idles fine - clutch down, still fine- when I put it into gear, the revs will dip to maybe 200-300. it’s been known to happen under heavy breaking too, and the other day braking from 60mph down to 40, i put the clutch down and it stalled altogether while I was still rolling :open_mouth:


This morning while I was driving it, a few pieces of blue plastic/waxy material crumbled down onto my left foot, which I’ve since identified as the pedal bump stop…


Image result for mx5 pedal assembly clutch

So my questions are-

  • could this pedal bump stop be causing my engine idle problems? 

-is it a straight forward job to replace it?


Any help is muchl appreciated!

While you are down therecheck this link https://www.mx5oc.co.uk/forum/default.aspx?g=posts&t=231 Th white block is the switch body