Engine under-tray NC1

I’ve had the under-tray and forward wheel arch trims off several times, most recently to fit new radiator and hoses, and then again to check for a potential leak that was just an overflow issue whilst ‘burping’ the system. The process is so tedious and the vertical elements on the undertray make the process a pain, particularly if you only really want to access under the radiator area.

Anyway, I decided to drill out the pop-rivets that secure the vertical pieces to the tray itself, and refitted each piece back to the car separately. I can now remove the basic under tray without touching anything else!

Has anyone else done this?

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That’s a good idea.
Have to take mine off next month so will look at that. :+1:

U nuts are great for things like this, you can fit them on the undertray or side pieces and screw it all back together and remove separately.:+1:

Excuse my ignorance, but what are u nuts?


Generally what people say to me. :flushed::wink::joy:

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:joy: :joy: :joy:

Sorry I meant to add a link. In the past I used m6 u nuts with stainless pan head bolts and penny washers. Looks good, very secure and easily removable and refittable. Otherwise known as spire nuts. :+1: