Engine using too much oil

Can anyone recommend someone to look at an engine which is using a lot of oil

NC… ?


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A few more details would be useful like model, engine size year mileage and exactly how much oil is being used / lost. If its a 1.8 NC then the problem is endemic in older engines which have not had the oil level maintained. Depending where you are in the country there are people who can help but the solution will not be cheap even if you can DIY. Ultimately the low oil level will result in damaged crank
bearings and the dreaded rod knock.

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It is a 2006 1.8 nc. I haven’t quantified the loss but it’s a lot more than it should be. The engine runs sweetly enough and it passed its mot in November, so the emissions test didn’t show anything up. I’m no expert but as the car wasn’t used much for about five years before I bought it, I wonder if the problem is with the piston rings. I’d like recommendations for a reliable engine man who could check compression on the cylinders to see if that identifies the problem. It may require some expensive work, but better that than waiting until the engine fails completely and needs replaced.

I’m in County Down, and an internet search has shown a few fairly local engineers but I don’t know any of them. Just hoping for a personal recommendation from someone

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In the absence of anything from NI this is a contact from some time ago. Hope it points you in the right direction.

Apologies for the lack of responses, but I don’t use the forum very often. Davy Cousins in Portavogie does a lot of mechanical work on these cars and is a good source of second hand parts. He was a club member at one time and can be contacted on 07955870274.

Thanks for the info.

I am sure you have read similar thoughts already, but just in case:
Try taking the plugs out and pouring a little diesel into the cylinders and leave that overnight (or longer) to soak down and into the gummed rings.
Turn the engine over before putting the the plugs in to blow any residue out.
Then take it for an Italian tune up. Let it pull hard and rev to the red line.
Some dismiss the above as ‘old wives tails’, others say they work. No harm in trying is my guess.

If you dont want to get your hands dirty, how about a good long run with sustained higher revs.

Not sure a compression test will tell you what you need to know. If you have bore damage, that will show up, but gummed oil rings may still show decent compression if the top rings are good.

Thanks for the suggestions

We now offer a Carbon Clean service mainly to prevent the build up of carbon but can help with older engines too.
We are in Sheffield if you fancy a run out……

Hi Rodders. Thanks for your message, but as I’m in Northern Ireland, a trip to Sheffield for this seems a bit far.

:joy: I have a customer from NI I see regularly