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Hi, my mk1 is currently off the road for the winter and I’m detailing the entire car with a view to entering it as a daily driver next year at the club rallies. Is there a download anywhere I get get so I have an idea of what’s expected and standard I should be aiming for ? Thanks

The judging manual is currently being updated and is not posted for download at present however email the Competitions Coordinator Ian Mchattie (email address p5 in STHT) he will be able to send you the up to date version

Brilliant, will do. Thanks Ian

As Iain has said the Judging Manual is being tweaked in readiness for the Spring rally in April 2015, please send me an email as suggested and I will send you the details on entering a Daily Driver into the competitions.


Get the cotton buds out [:-d]

If it is a summer only car is it a daily driver???

It’s used daily for 7 months or do I have to get 365 stamps in a book ???

Yeah, it’s a daily driver on the days that he drives it. Makes perfect sense to me.


The qualifications for entering the Daily Driver Class at the last competition was:

1) Mk1 (NA) car with 100,000 miles or more with valid MOT showing 21K+ over past 3 years
2) Mk2 (NB) with 50,000 miles or more with valid MOT showing 21K+ over past 3 years
3) Mk3 (NC) Over 2 years old with 15,000 miles or more and where applicable, a valid MOT
showing a mileage of no less than 8K per annum.


Applicants are given a copy of the judging manual, it is also under review and will be ready for the Spring Rally in April 2015.

If it’s gonna stir things up with everyone, I think I’ll leave it and just put it in the car park with the others. End of

Don’t quit so easily

There are plenty of classes, if it doesn’t meet the daily driver qualification, it will go I lightly modified or standard class.

It meets the qualification no problem but it seems that every time somebody wants to have a crack at something it always gets pulled to bits. So I’m gonna step back from entering


just found this

Go on, have a go, you know you want to, they only say it because they are afraid you might win a class,

& the trouble is matey, if you don’t do that, nobody will get the chance to admire your work.
seriously there is a multitude of like minded people like wot i am; too lazy to do the hard work, 
we just want to see smart/clean/cherished motors that somebody else has spent hours of blood sweat & tears with the proverbial oily rag .


Thanks Joe, I stopped showing to get involved organising the comps because it required to be more ‘open and honest’ every entrant now has the opportunity to take their score sheet home and study where points were lost etc.

Unfortunately I cannot control what happened in the past and can only hope the members now see the competitions as a level playing field. 

Just a quick update, The revised Judging manual is now available to download and view from the Downloads section of the forum under Car Competitions.

Entries for the Spring Rally competitions are also open and will close on the 3rd April.


Sorry Ian,


looked everywhere for this - I must be stupid 'cause I can’t find it…

Bit of help please …





found it …

durrrr … who’s a numpty