Entry to Hot 5 & Top 5 Competitions.....

 Hi all,

Is it ok to pay for entry to event on the day and also enter the competitons for the Top 5 / Hot 5 also?

Many Thanks.

 Afternoon. It is payment on the gate, and if it’s run as usual then just mention when you turn up that you would like to enter and they’ll direct you to where you need to park. [Y]


 Top answer…  yes it is pay on the way in…

non competition cars go to the right of the Museum main entrance then onto the Airfieldand

Competition Cars go to the left to a side gate into the museum… you will be on hard standing infront of some aircraft

there are now trophies for 1st to 3rd in Best Kept along with Cool & Hot 5’s

 Many thanks.  Looking forward to the weekend already!

I guess the competitions will be on the Sunday?

Many Thanks.



 Yes on the Sunday… all cars should look to be in place by no later than 11.00am

 Hi Mick another dumb question


It will be possible to get from the Hot car Area to the track for the slalom course and then return the judging point?

Cos I want to treat uma badly and maybe kill some cones.Not just stick her up for display




 Not dumb at all Alan…  it would help if you did the track stuff earlier rather than later and preferable before you enter the museum - but it’s not essential… you can always get escorted out if needed.  Why escorted - the comp cars are being parked amongst the display aircraft and trade stands where club members and joe public can walk around so comp cars will be escorted into place and then back out again.

Any problems ask any one of our members (spottable by yellow t-shirts and white caps with Yorkshire Ridings Spring Rally 2009 on them) to get me on the radio and I will come and sort it.



I will get Uma out on the slalom course as soon  as Ive got sparkle cleaned an ready for the cool 5’s