Eunos NA dash layout

Can anyone tell me where I can see the original dashboard layout for a 1992 Eunos?

I’m interested in the centre console layout and which switches were fitted in the bank of three between the steering column and drivers door.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just google ‘1992 Eunos interior’ click on images, view all. There’s tons of pictures. You will get the odd Cosmo picture in there too 


Depends on the trim level; some cars had dash dimmer, come had optional hardtop with defrost, some had front driving lamps. For most of them, to the right would have been 3 blanks.

Centre console; again depends on the time level:

Base/ S-Package: Panasonic radio cassette 1.5 DIN plus bubby hole below
S-Package upgrade, V-Special: Panasonic radio cassette, plus CD player fitted above, no cubby hole
S-Special; Pioneer MSSS system radio casette cd. no cubby hole
M2-1001: Panasonic radio cassette, 1.5 DIN, no cubby hole, uniquie tombstone radio surround

Thanks Barrie. I looked at all the Google photos and there was no consistency, hence my post

Thanks saz9961 that’s great.

On my 92 Eunos V Spec, they’re all blanks.