Eunos project, first Mx5!

After months of scouring the ads, I found a Eunos that seemed to suit me, and the test drive was too much fun not to. 

Here she is! Crummy phone camera, took a snap just before it got dark.

There’s a lot to love, but lots to work on. I’m sure there’ll be a fair bit of time and money before everything’s straight and true! 


I fell in love with:

The noise.

The breeze.

Incredibly direct steering.

Dead level through corners, mega grippy.

Engine revs beautifully and pulls plenty enough.

Cobra seats are incredibly comfy for someone with a bad back. And as a tall chap, I fit perfectly in the cockpit. 

Boot lid covered in scrutineering stickers from Prescott :smiley:

Pop ups…


“Character” that will need investigating:

Sloppy feel & movement in the shift lever. Rebuild kit?

Takes a couple of attempts to start.

Washer jets worked on the first use, but now don’t. 

Glove box latch snapped when I went over a bump. Hinge already broken. 

Sometimes hunts up and down for idle. 

Door mirrors - driver’s side is seized in place (put some WD40 on to sink in overnight…). Might just replace both, not the tidiest anyway. 

Level adjustment for headlights when down - don’t line up with bonnet lid.

I feel a little anti-social with how loud it is, and concerned having a visible bean-tin sticking out of the back makes me look like a teenager.



Any thoughts on the latter portion?




Probably split lower boot, renew ball cup bushing at the same time.


Weak battery, needs a service etc.


Connections can get brittle, and its now squirting screenwash over the engine


brittle aged plastics


Probably intake air leak


Internal bolt about the snap. Repair kits are available.


Lids are bent by someone leaning on them Gently tug into line from behind


Buy a new exhaust




Any thoughts on the latter portion?



Very useful, thanks!

Welcome to the addiction