Eunos radiator fans


I noticed the temperature guage over to the right.  Is this too hot?

I checked the fans and one was on, but the other was off.  Should they both come on at the same time?

Cheers, Camerart


Your Eunos will have air conditioning. The fan on the drivers side of the radiator is for the air conditioning system. The other fan is for engine cooling and I suppose that was the one that was on. If it wasn’t on then that is the cause of the high temperature problem.

The temperature gauge needle should normally point straight up.   

Hi N,

My drivers side is Uk standard, can I presume yours is too?

If so, then that’s correct the engine cooling fan is working, but the needle went 3/4 over to the right, but soon cam back.  Is this ok?

As a matter of interest, the car has been standing for 8 years, and I was trying it out for the first time, after a new cam belt.  It’s possible that the heater wasn’t working before, but is now.



Hi N,

On closer instection, I found that I have a single radiator with 2x fans.  I don’t think the second one is switching on.  Ar both fans connected together or do they have separate thermostats?


NM has explained this. Both the aircon fan and water cooling fan are mounted  to the radiator.

The fact you have the aircon fan indicates that aircon is likely fitted in which case there should be an aircon condenser radiator mounted in front of the cooling radiator.

Forget the aircon fan, it has NOTHING to do with engine cooling and should not be required for effective engine cooling.

Given the time unused it is possible that there is no flow through your radiator which will cause general coolant flow problems and overheating on a longer journey. Worth checking your radiator flow by emptying the cooling system removing both radiator hoses and seeing how water hosed or otherwise introduced into the top port flows out of the bottom. It should pour out with little resistance - anything less than that indicates blockage = replace radiator.