Eunos Roadster - And I love it already

Hi all,

Needed a bit of fun in my life so I gave in and purchased an NA MX-5 (Eunos roadster). Took a friend with me to look at it who’s taken these things apart hundreds of times. He very quickly told me to buy it as it was in great condition and had been fairly well looked after - So just over £3k later and I’m a very happy owner of a (new to me) Eunos roadster in my favourite Mariner blue!

The car is ex-MX-5 owners club (as per the window sticker… maybe someone recognises it!) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The car has lots of little goodies on it already including a custom exhaust and intake from M-tech automotive, RS*R 4-2-1 exhaust header, TR-lane roll bar and HSD coilovers. Oh and some Mazdaspeed MS-01 wheels (I’m told these are fairly rare, I certainly haven’t seen many!) It even recently had full service and alignment/geometry done.

Took it for a post purchase inspection to a local expert who was very surprised to find almost zero rust - at some point it had been thoroughly undersealed to a good standard. One negative however is that someone has crushed the chassis rails with what seems like a forklift! Otherwise, he mentioned that it is in perfect condition mechanically. It has definitely been loved at some point and benefits from being a late 2006 import - less winters with road salt!

I’ve immediately taken to planning out a path for restoring and personalising it, with a view to going full NA/ITB setup in the future.

Question time - my biggest gripe is the HSD coilovers, I’m not sure if they are meant to be this awful or if its just the low ride height which is making them very crashy and uncomfortable. I think they are already on the softest settings but they bottom out and crash on all but the smoothest roads. My expert friend said they’re in good condition, so maybe it’s just the settings? Let me know if there’s anything I can try before replacing the whole thing entirely for something I know works like DFVs or MeisterRs

Hope you all like it!


Looks very nice. Apparently crushed chassis rails are quite common on imports because, as you suggest, they have been lifted with a fork lift truck . Themx5restorer sell replacement sections for £55 each.

Enjoy your new car.

Thanks mate - that’s exactly what the mechanic suggested - it’s been forklifted when being moved about for import.

I’ll get them done at some point as he also suggested it’s a potential MOT failure. In the meantime - with rails like this will the integrity/rigidity of the car be affected?


Hi and welcome to MX5 ownership ! Enjoy your new toy.

It’s a cutie!
Welcome to the club.