Eunos Roadster Nb auto parts required

  1. My model of MX-5 is: Eunos Roadster Nb Auto 1.8
  2. I’m based near: __Blackpool
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __electrics

BP5B 18 9E1C
BP5A 18 881B

Be more specific please.
As an owner I can tell you they can be both simple, and fiendishly complex.
Itll be a Jatco box I expect.
Either way, spares fall into the “Unobtanium” section these days, and sometimes…getting a whole 'box is the answer, but let’s leave all that aside till you tell us what you are on about.

I would say the main part required is a new owner if the original post can be used to pass judgement!

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BP5B 18 9E1C
BP5A 18 881B

These are the part numbers needed

Thanks for your kind words ; you’ve been very supportive. :+1::grinning:

The guys on the Forum are extremely supportive, but only if they know what it is they are being supportive about. “Electrucs” [sic] doesn’t narrow it down very much, and two part numbers don’t help greatly unless someone happens to know the MX5 Parts Manual off by heart. If you had given some information about the issues you are having or the problem you are trying to fix then I think you would have found the guys very supportive.


Sheppy, thank you for entirely proving the point of my reply to your original post.
A complete waste of space who rather than apologise for a frustrating, useless request, decides to defend it!
I am Rob from MX5Bitz; do me a favour and keep yourself well away from me and the parts I sell that generally involve effort and support.
I would like to occasionally have to apologise for my apparently unreasonable and unwarranted outbursts but this person certainly does not deserve it. 2 & 2 together, post, post; he has bent my ear on ebay about a requirement for an engine ECU and very rare MK2 auto gearbox ecu, both of which I could supply. Words fail me Sheppy, consider yourself blocked!

It just all came to me…been there already with this car with the same query a while back have we not?
It’s the car that can go with the battery reversed and a main fuse blown…or summat.
God preserve…

It’s not a Eunos it’s a Mazda Roadster if it’s an NB. Calling it a Eunos will confuse things when looking for parts.

I think this is a control unit? Your best hope is to speak to Autolink and see if he has broken one.

There are reasons why Rob told the poster to take a hike.
It’s bizarre to say the least.
I’d not foist the issue on an enemy never mind Andrew.