Eunos seat

My Fawn/cream leather seat reeds repair. I have left the seat with Autotrim in Belfast for some now but they cannot source matching material. Any help,would be appreciated. Thank You.

It won’t happen unless…you perhaps send a sample to the likes of Woolies.

They always were an oddish shade…I have them too by the way

Matching the other seat…well… 

It’s why most people generally settle for recovering.

After 20/25 years of patina & ageing, matching perfecty from Hiroshima will be like nailing a trifle to a concrete wall with matchsticks!

The most original swatch of the leather will be found on the underside of the seat. I wouldn’t use Woolies, as their range of hides is limited. Go to someone like Martrim. The best approach would be to get a leather that is close, and redo both seats, or repair the seat with a slightly lighter leather, and then blend with a leather paint from the likes of Furniture Clinic. Furniture Clinic, if they don’t have the colour code already, can do an exact dye match based on a small swatch.

try Dave at he has a large range of leather.  He deals in Porsche refurbishment but is very knowledgeable about fabric.