Events Calendar 2020

The Really it could be better than 2019 North West Midlands 2020 Events Calendar

12th Jan 2020 Brockhampton NT

  • Mike and Margaret

7 Feb 2020 Millington Racing Engines Visit

  • Colin and Jan

19th April 2020 Motorfest 2020 Chetwynd Deer Park, Newport, Shropshire.

  • Jim. Cancelled due to Covid 19

26th April 2020 Statfold Narrow Gauge Railway

  • Keith and Elaine

2nd May 2020 Speed into Spring - Shelsley Walsh

  • Simon and Sarah Cancelled due to Covid 19

6-12th May 2020 Tour of Germany

  • Colin and Jan. Cancelled due to Covid 19

17th May 2020 Welsh Challenger Adventure

  • Norman. Cancelled due to Covid 19

6-12th June 2020 Tour of Northern Ireland

  • Norman. Cancelled due to Covid 19

14th June 2020 Sandtoft Trolley Bus Museum and East Yorkshire Thoroughbred Car Club Rally

  • Burton Marsland AC Peaks and Pennines

  • All Areas of MX-5 OC Invited to attend
    Cancelled due to Covid 19.

27th June 2020 Autobrite Stoke

  • Scott. Cancelled due to Covid 19

5 July 2020 National Rally - Claydon Estate Buckinghamshire MX-5 OC Event

3-11th July 2020 Tour of Northumberland

  • Mike and Margaret
    Another event scuppered by Covid 19. Don’t be downhearted though because it’s rescheduled for July 2021.

19th July 2020 Oswestry Transport Rally - British Ironwork Centre

  • Roy

25th July 2020 Stourbridge Canal Cruise

  • Mike and Margaret
    Cancelled due to Covid 19. Will try again in 2021

31 July - 2 Aug 2020 Silverstone Classic MX-5 OC supported Event

  • As usual John, Neil, Mark and Jim will be attending this years event on Saturday 1 August. Anyone wishing to join us is most welcome. Just remember to bring “man food”, folding chairs and napkins to dab ones lips with.

Guess what? Cancelled due to Covid 19!

September - Date to be Confirmed Barmouth Wales

  • David and Jane , Graham and Sue

20th September 2020 Autumn Social - Margam Park. MX-5 OC Event