Exhaust for ND, similar to Good-Win SSTT

I drive a MX-5 is a 2016 2.0 ND, and I am looking for recommendations on an backbox/exhaust.
I have listened to quite a few videos online, and prefer the more high sounding exhausts that the deep bass. I appreciate that the exhaust note is subjective, does anyone know of any others that sound like the clip below at 40 seconds in.

Good-Win Racing MX5 ND 1 5 &2 0 SuperStreet Twin Tip 2016-2020 (racingbeateurope.com)


Goodwin racing superstreet twintip - Bing video

Anyone have any suggestions!?

I’m more than happy with my BBR Super Sport rear box.

Does it have a higher pitched note or bassy?

I guess it’s a bit more “bassy” than the others but it has a great note to it.

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I have the Super Street Single Tip, love it.

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Cheers @IanH looks similiar build to the TT with the separate boxes.

I’ve got the BBR super sport back box and it’s a perfect sound without being boy racer .


Yeah the ST was the original product and the DT was produced in response to customer demand.

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Just love the new exhaust been running this around 3 months nice sound but not to loud unless you want it to be. In other words top down you can still have a conversation with the passenger or hear music … Moss’ popular Cobalt brand now has a silencer for the new ND MX-5 Mazda! This silencer features an etched Cobalt logo on the tips and carries over all the same great features and sound from our other designs:

  • 1.2 mm thick polished Stainless Steel used for muffler shell, tips, and piping

  • Muffler packing is a combination of stainless steel wool and fiberglass for a perfect sports car sound that is never intrusive, raspy or drones on the highway

  • Stainless Steel used for inner core and perforated tubing

  • 2-1/2" inlet and 2-1/4" dual outlet piping

  • Entire muffler completely polished to a mirror shine

  • Sporty 2-3/4" insulated and polished dual muffler tips

  • Easy bolt-on design

  • CA emissions legal

  • Gasket included

  • 5 Year Warranty

£400.00 cheaper than the one you’re looking at

Just as well made

Good warranty 5 years and still command a good resale value for £235.00 out of the box comes with cone gasket and is easy to fit………

But its your car and your choice good luck :wink: regards tony.c

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@exiled-viking Tony, thanks for that, some great photos of it installed.

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So after thinking about it I ordered the GWR SSTT and it should be here next week. Will post up some photos when it arrives and I fit it. I found the service and communication at Racing Beat Europe excellent too.

Arrived a couple of days ago