Exhaust hangers on NC1

I’ve got myself a Cobalt backbox and just having a look at the old box I can see the flange nuts are crumbly and aren’t going to screw off so I’ll be taking it to a local MX-5 specialist* to do the job. The stems going through the rubber hangers are going to be difficult to remove too so I was going to get new (aftermarket) hangers, but looking at MX5Parts and elsewhere I can only find the shorter ones whereas I can see, and other threads mention, there are two different sizes. MX5Parts says fit 4 of their ones but surely this is going to leave things cock-eyed.
Can anyone give me a source for the 2 different hanger sizes?

  • Performance Link, betwixt Cheltenham and Tewkesbury - Highly recommended.

There is a drop down box on the mx5parts listing for long or short

I saw those, but £50 for the set seems a bit pricy to me.
I was really looking for aftermarket ones.


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That’s brilliant! Thanks Dean.
I hadn’t come across AutoDoc before.
Also, I didn’t realise the EAN was a unique identifier for a product.
Live and learn :grinning: