Exhaust Rear Silencer

I’m thinking of purchasing a new exhaust system for my MK3, any advice please? before i purchase the stainless steel back box at £285

Many Thanks

Looks like you are looking at the Mx5parts one. A little advice, it’s boomy, that’s when I bought one around 5 years ago. It had to go, I fitted the Cobalt instead from Moss. Sadly they are out of stock at Moss and it seems differing stories of when they will have them back.
Having told you this I guess the Mx5parts one could be different now, others may advise.

Thanks Mick for the update. I just want the car to sound more sporty, and not a boy racer, thanks

I have a GoPerform box on mine, it replaced a Racing Beat one that I wasn’t immpressed by.

Thanks Richard. Will look online to see and hopefully can hear on u tube

have just looked on u tube, sounds good Richard, thanks for that

Hi Mick
I no this sounds crazy, but is the back box, exactly what is says, just the end, are they easy to fit? you can tell i’m a novice, just want something that has depth in the sound, and not to spend to much


Yep you get just the back box. It attaches to the midpipe flange shown in the pictures below. You should get the gasket and two bolts to complete the fitting of it (if a Cobalt) or if I remember I had to buy two bolts and gasket for the Mx5parts one.
You could encounter rusted nuts holding the original one on, plenty of plus gas on the threads before removal and some silicone spray around the rubber hangers aides removal. It helps having a set of ramps to get the rear of the car up in the air, not much though, it’s just easier.
Your local garage could fit for a few pounds if you get stuck or can’t fit it.

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Brilliant, thanks for that Mick, really appreciate the photos, thanks

am still looking at u tube, and to see the right one

As a comparison, when I had the Mx5parts back box fitted the car left to idle on the driveway used to make the metal garage door rattle. The Cobalt is slightly louder at idle with nice sporty note when on the move, perfect really for me, I’m retired but a young tearaway really.:grin:

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Check gumtree eBay and Facebook, there’s always someone selling one :point_up:

Ha Ha Nice one Mick, I’m 59, but like you, we still feel young at heart. The cobalt is very nice, but didn’t want to spend too much on it, otherwise wife will start nagging

Thanks Bally

My chum has had the MX5 parts s/s back box on order since early March. He cancelled his order today as they’ve pushed the delivery date again, and now to end of August….maybe.

I replaced my Goperform one as it was boomy and drove me mad. I did like the look and the quality was only an “average” for me. Replaced with Cobalt, but not available sadly.
Each owners hearing is different of course.

Picked this custom one up last week

You have a golden opportunity next weekend if your going to Elvington to listen to all the different exhausts.


Good Morning
Thank you everyone for your comments, and photo’s, really appreciated. Have just purchased a Cobra 2-5 rear exhaust section back box, hoping it will sound ok.

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Thanks Davy for the update, have gone elsewhere

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