Expecting too much from Customer Support ? !?!

I recently ordered a SmartTop from a firm in Essex , I know that the first problem was not their fault as DPD delivered the package to Cape Town , South Africa for some reason instead of Scotland . Once I had received the package and fitted the Module I found that it didn’t work . Must say the service I received from Mods4cars in the USA was very good to try to sort the fault, but in the end suggested its return to the Essex Company. I have had to phone this Company on four occasions now and each time they promise a call back within half an hour… Yes you got it no call back.
I have returned the unit to them on 24th March and requested a replacement. I only receive emails from the company the last one saying the Warehouse Team are now dealing with this return.
Wednesday 31st I phone the Company and ask to be put through to the warehouse team only to be informed that they don’t have such a section ! I was held on hold for an age with a promise eventually they would call back… Yes Guess what another email saying they would now send the Module to USA . It has been sitting around their Office now for 5 days , a note was added to the email that as it was Bank Holiday weekend it could well be delayed !

I replied to their email saying how poor their Customer Support appeared and again requested a replacement.
I have nor received any acknowledgement of this email.

Rant over…Do I feel better …NO

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Feeling your pain. That is an expensive item to be having that sort of trouble with. Did you pay by credit card? If so I would be close to approaching them for a refund.

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It was with PayPal , will give it to after Bank Holiday to see if they reply !

Well, the items can go wrong.
Ordered mine from Design 911 back in June 2017. (Perhaps the same Company).
Like you Mods4cars were great and basically told me to return it.
Got sent a new one a few days later and has been faultless since.
Stick with it and hopefully you will get hold of someone who can resolve your problem.
I “Try” not to get annoyed with companies these days as it can just make things worse.
Perhaps others might start pumping F’s about, but it doesn’t really solve anything in the end.
Great bit of kit you will love it. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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What’s the name of the firm ?
It might help other owners from being jerked around down the line…
Sorry for your pain.

Unfortunately its the world over these days…the old slope shoulder brigade.

Got your money…we dont care

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It’s the same company that Scarlet pimpernel got his from.