Experience Moving from NC to ND2

This is my first post as I have recently joined the MX5OC. I wanted to share my experience with my ND2 having had previously a NC for 13 years. I changed cars last Sept and although lockdown has restricted the chances for open top driving, I have now collected a some miles and experience to look back on. This has provided an opportunity to reflect on the differences with the two models.
To be clear, the Mk3 2L PRHT in Stormy Blue was an absolute pleasure to own and drive. It was my daily driver for many years and when my job changed I elected to hang on to it as my cherished weekend runaround for the last 4 years. I fancied a change last summer and decided to trade in for the NC2, 2L engine with soft top and in Soul Red crystal. I have not regretted the change although I was apprehensive about choosing the soft top having owned the PRHT version. I value the open feel of the soft top which the latest RF model cannot replicate, hence my choice.
Top 3 aspects I appreciate the most with my NC2. Firstly, as someone who is 6ft 2in (reasonably slim), I find the sitting posture better in the ND2. The seats are more supportive and the steering wheel adjustment for reach is a big bonus. Secondly, the 181HP engine gives the car more shove through a broad rev range giving a feeling of more urgency when the right foot is pressed down. Nice high rev limit too. Thirdly, handling feels more crisp and connected. I thought my old Mk3 was good but this NC2 just feels better in a non technical phrase.
I agonised whether to step up to a ND2 having had so much fun with the NC model. I do not regret the change including moving to a soft top. The model’s shape, styling and soul red colour are a big bonus too. I hope this post helps anyone thinking of trading up to a NC2.


Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire… I bought a 2018 ND2 2 litre 184 last July between Covid-19 lockdowns and am loving it… My experiences of NC’s was working at a Mazda dealership between 2006 and end of 2011 - accompanying potential customers on test drives… Most came back with a huge smile on their face and bought into this iconic little roadster… I think you have got your NC’s and ND’s mixed up a couple of times in your post, but get where you are coming from :slight_smile: We love pics here on the owners club too :slight_smile:
This is mine…

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Thanks for sharing.
Apologies but have read your post several times and a bit confused, mentioned NC2 several times.
Not sure whether you have an NC2 or an ND2 now? (Typos?). Either way enjoy. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

I have just read my post again. It made sense at the time :crazy_face:. Lesson now learnt about checking.
To clarify, I now have a ND2 having had a NC previously. I’m really enjoying this model especially in the recent good weather. Considering how much angst I put myself through in making the decision, I have zero regrets.

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This is mine. I am waiting for a good photo opportunity with decent scenery. Hopefully this will happen soon.

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Looks great!! Enjoy :slight_smile: