Experiences With GC Fabrications?

Anyone on here had any issues with GC Fabrications as a company (customer service/delivery etc…)? Or any positive experiences? I don’t want to slate a company prematurely as there are always the unlucky customers. Just want to get a feel for if I am the ‘unlucky customer’ experiencing the bad side this time or if I perhaps chose wrong…

GC Fabrications (Grant & family) are a great outfit, they occasionally have issues with suppliers (e.g. powder coating). But the product they produce is first rate. I bought a roll bar for my NC, it fitted perfectly.

Can’t speak more highly of them.

Have only ever seen good reviews, was looking to buy a gcr3 very soon myself

I had seen similar good reviews Benji (Mike is another!) - which is why I’m confused at my experience :slight_smile: I can understand, and have heard the powder coating issues issues that you mention Mike, but i’m just getting zero in the way of communication - and every time it’s “oh - you’ll get it on x date” (3 ‘x’ dates have gone by).

I’ll stay positive as it sounds like i’m the unlucky customer! Will also keep you posted Benji, for when you order yours!


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I’m sure bofi had a sale on their cages last week so maybe just severely backlogged? I’m sure it’s not malicious either way, good parts take time :joy:

:joy: oh god - did they? definitely in trouble then, i’m about 2 months into this order now haha! Very true - and also patience is a virtue (doesn’t stop me itching to fit shiny new things to the mx5 though :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Quite right man I thought the same tonight as I was waiting on paint on the sill drying, got the ECU whipped out for a shinier replacement, my alternative to a gcr3 was a full cage from Mr cages, 900 odd quid for a full unpainted bolt in cage made from good stuff seems not 3 bad , bit of a jump up from the price of a gcr3 but they look braw!

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I have a GCF GC2 bar - and I’m very pleased with it - but I likewise had a very protracted delivery experience. However, if I swap cars or ever need another MX5 bar I’d order another GCF one as I think they’re as good (and probably better) than anything else similar that’s available. I also found them helpful when I called them. My main issue was one of their agents sold me the bar marked as in stock on their website when it clearly wasn’t. In turn this created problems as I had to cancel a couple of fitting slots (the second booked after the initial one had to cancelled). I also had to skip some sprint events I’d planned to enter.

Everything i’ve read about them says their product is brilliant, but customer services are hit and miss.

I couldn’t be arsed to wait and so went with another brand. Word of mouth says GCFab is the best in the UK, if you have the patience. I received mine in a custom colour within a week.