Extended Mazda warranty?

So as per title, is it worth getting the Mazda extended warranty. The car is 2018 ND RF with 20K miles with full Mazda Main dealer service.

I took it out last year and have been offered a renewal at approx the same £336.00. There is however rather a long list of parts not covered.

2 examples from list : Brake and clutch facings.
Handles, hinges and check straps.

To be honest I’m only really thinking of the retractable roof, gearbox and bonnet safety bolts going bang.
I’ve heard of people getting the bonnet repaired on insurance so ok on that one I guess.

So, is it worth getting cover?

All advice appreciated.


As always, read the small print.

I’ve found with any warranties the list excluding is usually longer than the list of including.

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2007 paid £495 ‘Guarantee’ on my 18 Month Old 2005 NB 2.5 1.8 Icon [Mileage 25,228] 2nd Owner

First Time I Tried to Use It…‘Authorized Mazda Dealership Only’ [and their prices]

I Was Living Miles Away From One

So For Me it Was a Waste of Money

But Appreciate Your Dilemma as Lots More ‘Bells & Whistles’ on an ND

My Experience is Mazda Tends to lose interest on any vehicle over 3 yrs old [unless you are part-exchanging for a newer model]


If you look at the small print it is not a ‘Warranty’ as such but is actually an insurance policy, so as previously said there are a very large number of exclusions and ‘wear and tear’ items (which most parts are) will always be an issue. You will have to prove that it is a manufacturing defect to have a valid claim. As we all know insurance companies will do their utmost to get out of a claim.

I have it on my 50k miles 2015 NC3. It’s a peace of mind thing.

The price also includes breakdown/recovery (including in continental Europe), which could easily cost £100+, so need to bear that in mind as well.

Did it for a month as went to nurburgring in it and warranty included European breakdown. Not bothered after that though, 40 quid a month for a car I dont use every day or over winter seemed a waste.

I have one for my NS 3.5 at around £300 a year. It won’t cover seals, so the scuttle grommets are out. It didn’t cover drop links and I’m sure it won’t cover whatever fails next. But I do know it covers the Bose stereo because my missus claimed many moons ago for hers - probably excluded now though.

Thanks all for your answers so far, although I’m still not sure. As mentioned the cover from my perspective is mainly the roof and gearbox. With a car that’s only 4 yrs old and less than 25K and only 4K a year I’m sure that Mazda couldn’t use the wear and tear excuse?, plus the servicing and MOT are carried out by the main dealer.
Perhaps I’m just convincing myself and it’s £300 for peace of mind.

I’ll give it a little more thought.

Thanks again for your reply’s.


Mine covered hub replacement so paid for itself.

“Original manufacturer’s factory-fitted or replacement parts such as engine, turbo and supercharger and gearbox are covered.” - also “Replacement of the in-car entertainment system if it fails.” - including, I assume, the screen e.g. delaminating.

My dashcam also paid for itself when someone reversed into me.

I’m normally sceptical of extended warranties, but I believe Mazda’s is provided by Allianz, who have a great reputation in BMW circles. They tend to deal direct with Mazda, and I’ve not had any “difficult” conversations with BMW repairs under extended warranty.

I bought an approved used car recently from a Mazda dealer and it has come with a one year warranty which is this product.

On another car when faced with the decision on whether to buy this I concluded that there was not the value in it, at the end of this year I will face the decision again.

The potential failure items that give me some concern on a 2019 1.5 ND are:

  • Hub carrier bearing/bush
  • The left side multi instrument gauge

There are aftermarket repairs for the first, I doubt very much for the second and I haven’t seen a quoted price so far to replace it so that would factor into the calculation.