Extra Luggage Space


I did a full week camping in my PRHT - boot bag on, bike rack over the top, and could still operate the roof.

No damage to boot lid or bumper from either the rack or the boot bag.

Yes - got some funny looks, and the steering/headlights were, shall we say interesting :slight_smile:

There was only me in it when fully loaded - there and back - so would have been under the Kerb weight.

If the new owner of a '62 plate PHTR in Sport Nav in dark grey, last 3 letters DFD reads this, now you know why you’ve got 7 pin electrics in that cubby… :grinning:

Mazda pickup. More goes on when I have the bootrack on. I don’t like having style bars but they are good for supporting longer load such as bonnets, beds, 8x4 sheets etc.

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As you do! :joy::joy::joy:

Off to the Algarve end of August- Rosslare to Bilbao, Santiago, Porto, Coimbra, Lisbon, Lagos, Tavira, etc. Will he using a Revo-Rack……fits to boot lid with 3 suction cups…… no scratches!!!

This won’t mark the paintwork but make sure there’s no luggage on it when you operate the retractable roof.


Luggage solutions. I’d go for a good boot rack

We went camping around France for 3 weeks with my wife in a full body cast and all our camping gear (in an Elise) - soft bags and stuffing things besides and behind seats meant we had loads of space and brought back 18 bottle of wine on the ferry…

So you can do it if you pack carefully. On that, remember that you can buy things if you need them, and that you can wash things so don’t need all clean gear.

One helpful tip is that whenever you come back from a trip, separate your kit into three piles - stuff you used, stuff you would have used if the weather had been very different, and stuff you didn’t use. Leave the 3rd pile at home, and most of the second pile, next time you go. The do the same again - after a bit, you’ll have a lightweight set of core kit you need and can fit it into any vehicle or adventure.


ps where are you - I have taken a boot rack off my new to me NA and whilst I’ll hang on to it, you’re welcome to borrow it if you can collect or pay for postage. No damage to paintwork, except it’s been on since delivery I think and so the pain around it is quite faded. Am in Shropshire - more details on PM if needed