Extra Luggage Space

Hi, for all those of you with a fountain of knowledge, would appreciate some advice please. We need to make a trip where we need extra luggage space, however, me being me I am worried about the paintwork as I am rather precious about my car! What is the best way of extra space, a luggage rack on the boot (and if so what make/kind?) or a boot bag? I have a convertible hardtop if that makes a difference. Appreciate any advice, thank you!

I use the 3 Roadster cases in my Sport Black from MX5 Parts, which fit the boot bang on. Loads of space either side for walking boots etc. Coats lie flat on top with enough room to shut the lid. Easy to get at for a quick stop if it’s raining. Plug in cool bag behind passenger seat doesn’t lose much leg room and a rucksack on top of that. Perhaps another rucksack behind drivers seat if there’s room.
That’s how I do it and get enough in for 2 people for a week away.

“ I have a convertible hardtop if that makes a difference.”

Can you confirm if you are referring to a power retractable hardtop top?

If yes then any thing placed on top of the boot risks coming into contact with the roof deck when the roof is operated and causing damage. Also things like “Boot Bags” will obstruct the high level brake light, you could rig your own light up but if not you best check the law for your own peace of mind.
Also still based on you having a PRHT, avoid storing anything in the area that the roof folds into when the roof is down. There have been a number of incidents when the roof hinges have bent when the stored item has been forgotten and the roof operated.
Some people do use this area for storage and stick a bit of tape over the roof operating switch to remind them but ………………!

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Great bit of kit and simple to take on and off. I’ve not bothered with the boot level brake light and never had a problem. Couldn’t make head or tail if it’s a legal requirement…

I’m never sure about them.
I do have a security issue if I want to stop somewhere like a service station.
Even if it’s not on a motorway, as I try to avoid them in my MX, a Stanley knife only takes a second to remove it.
Hopefully never an issue to you👍


We’ve toiled with the same issue and wondered just how much stuff we could load if needs be.

We don’t have a high level brake light so don’t have to worry about such things.

If it makes your life any easier you don’t have to worry about something being in front of it or otherwise obstructing it. It is classed as auxiliary or ancillary light - thus you are ok.

Different story with the “proper” tail lights that you can’t/shouldn’t obstruct. :slight_smile:

Boot bag for me too.
If you stop just detach it and put on the passenger seat. Seconds to reattach and doesn’t mark the paintwork either.
I can also still use the PRHT with it in situ.
I’ve got an additional brake light only because of the French Police.:wink:
Various threads on here with various comments. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Good call on that idea👍🏻

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How much extra space do you need ? As someone who has been on several 2 week European tours with everything in the boot for 2 of us its usually just a case of how you pack, and having soft cases that can fit into every crevice. However you can make more space if you remove some of the lining in the boot of most 5s, where you may then find extra space that was hidden behind that can then be used. You can easily return the lining afterwards, applies in an NA and NB anyway…

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We’ve stayed away for 3 weeks a couple of times touring, moving from B&B to B&B.
The boot was sufficient for our bags, we take three, all of them of the squashy type. Add wet weather gear, shoes and walking shoes around them and the NC boot is big enough for us no additional boot rack or bag needed.
You don’t say what extras you may be carrying, camping, fishing, cycling so it could alter you needs from ours?

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If you have a boot bag and want to stop for a break, you can unclip it and put it in the car.

Not perfect but better IMO than leaving it attached.

We will be away for 9 days in a couple of months, driving to Austria, we will manage without boot bag or rack. Soft bags (holdalls) seem to make best use of space.

Thank you, yes I mean a powered retractable hard top

Thank you everyone for your comments. I appreciate you can pack a lot into the boot if done correctly and soft bags. Unfortunately I am not a light packer and panic before I go and just don’t want to be caught short. Also don’t like packing inside the car. Your comments and ideas have been very helpful.


Same as you really but I’ve learnt to cut back. Having said that, I’ve just returned from a 5 night break and still took the two bags, half full each. I didn’t wear 3 shirts and a spare pair of jeans, likewise the walking gear or wet weather gear but it’s always with us.

Hi Foresters84

Just thought I would add a few word for you.

I have an NB boot rack fitted to my PRHT - fits perfectly. I always fit it a set distance from the edge of the boot so the PRHT panel dos not clash with it.

One other thing you need to be careful though is exceeding the max kerbside weight of the car and can easily happen as there is not much of spare to play with - see below:

*OEMs report curb weight with all fluids inclusive of full fuel tank. So no need to add fuel weight to the ~2590lb figure for a fully optioned PRHT… that’s the max, and gets lighter as you run the tank down. *
Like wooo, I also weighed my PRHT GT at a weigh scale last year and the scale weight jives with “just under 2600lb” for the car with full fuel tank.

So with this in mind, the kerb weight of the car is 1175kg (inc full fuel) and the max weight is 1375kg which leaves 200kg for occupants and luggage.

Hope that helps


buy stuff when you arrive

you only need passport, tickets, a credit card and your toothbrush to travel…tooth brush is optional :wink:


All very Jack Reacher!!!


We used a Boot Bag when we toured The Loire Valley a couple of years ago. It was an early version. Got to the first B&B and the contents were soggy. Also the matting that goes on the boot under the bag slightly marked the paintwork even though I had cleaned the boot panel first. Now have a boot rack with built in brake light and will use a suite case in a plastic bag for our tour in September to Austria and Germany. Boot Bag for sale!

Just another thought. If you intend to bring anything back from your tour, only having the use of the boot will restrict what you can bring back. Where will you put all that duty free???

Hi we are currently on a 3 week roadtrip in France… we have a Mk3 2010 soft top Miyako… we travel with 3 soft bags and a ‘suit’ bag… still place in around the boot for shoes and odds and ends… its a squeeze but with careful though about how many clothes you actually need and rotation of clothes usage (not underclothes of course… that would be yuk :joy::rofl:). Creasing can be an issue… but… hang as soon as possible. We are staying in 10 different B&B’s over a 3 and half week period… as we writ this we are in Besançon and next heading west… will be in St Pierre d’Oléron by Sunday. Enjoy your MX5 and holidays, dont worry too much about the luggage. :wink:… has been 40°c here :hot_face::joy::rofl: Vive La France!