F1 2021 coverage

With luck, there may be a few “upsets” to the belt fed outcomes of yore.
I don’t have Sky, and won’t pay them either the Richard Turpins.
I will follow the highlights on Channel 4 FOC though.

Just for fun, I’m backing Aston Martin, because I like the paint job (!) and the fearsome Lawrence Stroll for his attitudes and determination. It’ll be interesting to see his son getting on with Seb…or perhaps…not!
We all needed a bit of schooling in our young years now and then. :wink:

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I watch the qualifying & race highlights. I sometimes listen to the live race commentary on Radio 5 Live Sports Extra - 14.55 today and 15.45 tomorrow.


Go Max go!

Looks as if we might have a contest. Lewis said he did the best he could.

I don’t know if you listened to the commentary, Mazepin didn’t cover himself in glory. He overtook the leading cars on the out lap for the final second run, and promptly spun, effectively ending the session for those behind him, including Vettel who was denied the chance to improve from 18th.

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Moto GP for me


Good to see the possibility of some real battles! I’m glad for F1, Mad Max, and especially Honda who were written off as a second rate engine supplier a season or so ago.
But I still want LH to win the championship to ensure that a Brit goes down in history as the MOST!


A Schumacher back on the grid, will the family genes continue to the podium.

Used to have Sky but got fed up with the constantly increasing prices. Only kept it as long as I did for the F1 but having done a comparison of watching the same race with both Sky and Channel 4 coverage I much prefer Channel 4

Great qualifying today. I would like Sir Lewis to get a record breaking 8th title but really looking forward to a good battle.

Interesting to see Lance (my daddy bought me a team) Stroll getting in the top ten while Vettel only managed to beat the two Haas cars. Even beaten by rookie Latifi in a Williams.

Plenty of drivers in cars they aren’t familiar with so probably a lot of settling down to do yet. A long season still to go so will be interesting to see where we are in a few races time.

Current odds for the championship are Hamilton 8/11 and Verstappen 13/10. Sounds like good odds for Max. Maybe a little side bet on Perez at 20/1. Sure he will find his feet soon.

Great tribute to Murray Walker too. Loved the opening to the program with clips of his commentaries.

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Of those, Ricciardo seems to have got the hang of it even though he has said he hasn’t mastered the brakes yet, late braking being his special power. Should be quick when he does. Alonso was well in front of his team mate too.

I wonder if Vettel will ever get his mojo working.

Please everyone, no spoilers for those of us without Sky. Bad enough steering away from all news sources for a few hours without having the enjoyment spoilt by an excited comment by someone.

Can’t you just not read the topic? Or Mute it from the options?

Could do and probably will. It’s that I’ve been caught in the past by seeing or hearing comments like ‘great result for…’ or ‘… made a mess of that’. What really annoys me is accidentally hearing a news bulletin where the first words of a section are the winner’s name.


As far as I’m concerned the race starts sometime after 7.30pm when the C4 highlights programme begins.

After 4pm, I’ll endeavour not to see this thread again or to post any spoilers too soon.

I’ve also been irked by news items beginining “Lewis Hamilton has won…”

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8.30-11.00 tonight. I’ll set it to record and start watching from around 9.15 so I can skip past the ads, what happened in qualifying which I’ve already watched and be caught up with live broadcast around the end.

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Not as much as “Niko Rosberg has won…” though. :cry:

Really looking forward to this season. Hoping Norris has a strong season and takes it to a few podiums along with Ricciardo.
Can’t stand Max, the less well, the better on my mind, Perez will outdo him this year and then he’ll start throwing his toys out of his pram

I’m going to give it a listen on 5Live this afternoon - For the 1st time!
Probably just me, but Steve Jones on C4 annoys me a bit…!

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Vettel performed as expected in Quali :roll_eyes:

And carried on spectacularly in the race.

Really good race with plenty of action, some good showings and some bad ones too. Should be a great season ahead.

To top it all off my £2 bet on the winner netted me a £3.75 profit. :grinning:

Result… And I bet you didn’t exceed track limits once…! :crazy_face: