F1🏎 Round and round and round

Hamilton Botas Verstappen
Hamilton Botas Verstappen
Hamilton Botas Verstappen
Let me off this Merry Go Round.
Is it going to be like this for the rest of the year
( even with the change of engine regs )

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Lewis is making very few errors.
Valteri hasn’t quite got enough.
The Honda donkey in Max’s car hasn’t quite got enough grunt.

Unless MB have issues, it’s hard to see anything changing. That said, they will have limited engine modes from now on, so maybe things will close up.

although a F1 fan, feel the action from the Moto GP provides real racing worth watching


Well until LH beats MS records for number of F1 wins and championships I won’t kick up a fuss, but after that it’s “cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war”.

blame it all on Ferrari
if they had not of cheated last year then Mercedes would not be this far ahead, Mercedes thought Ferrari had caught then up so pushed hard to get back in front when they didn’t need to.
then you get onto red bull the only reason they are upfront is because of max and how good a driver he is. god help LH if redbull ever get a better car.
its not just F1 i watched the indy last weekend and they were the same at one point every car was less than a second away from the next one all the way through the field they have the same issue has well.
i am hoping that next year we see more racing McLaren, racing point is making improvements but the issues is the merc engine it is so far ahead of anything else that a fear nobody will match them on pure performance.
have a look around at some of the work that merc have done on the engine its been a few years since they release any official figure the last ones they are running at 54% thermal efficiency that is amazing, especially when most road car run around 30%.
i cant see it changing for a while either the close racing or the merc dominance

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Engine mode changes are banned from now. So if the advantage Mercedes have in qualifying is eliminated, we may see other teams at the pointy end of the first corner. And has been demonstrated the Merc is not the best at following another car. So maybe we may see others do start to finish victories. … Yawn…

But did you watch the Porsche race from Knock Hill. Go Harry King!


Totally agree, World Superbikes pretty good too


F2 & F3 races have been much better than F1

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It’s a real shame. To watch a F1 car in isolation through a set of corners is still amazing to see, but the racing is so, so poor and predictable.
MotoGP, WSB and BSB are where I put my hand in my pocket to watch.


To be fair to LH ( and Bottas) he did say himself the other day he’s aware of how boring it must be for fans. When he was younger, he watched MS going No1 metronomic race after race. He’d watch the start, have another snooze, then catch up the highlights later.
He is, put simply, paid massive retainers to make sure he’s first every time…and it’s not for him to back off down but for everyone else to up the game…
He admits his biggest challenge right now is keeping tabs on Bottas…how boring for him as well. He’s a track assassin…relishes a fight…but he’s not getting them.
But, watch this space…we can all name the names who are ready to pinch his trophies…if only they are given the equipment…and can come close to his innate abilities to " Go Borg" with the machine when they plug into it. LH is perhaps…a one time phenomenon never to be repeated in our life times. He does not even need 4 wheels to win…

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Aussie V8 Supercars are a good watch.
These lads hurtle 3 abreast into curves at velocities not far off F1 KPH’s.
In a ton & a half of monstrous former “saloons”.
Soon be time for Bathurst…a Mecca I went to in 2003. Motorsport was never quite the same after that eg…everything else seemed limp. Next to LeMans, for me Bathurst is the event of the year.

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I’m with you there Roger. I hope Lewis, who after all is a fabulous driver (and a Brit, to boot !), and in the best car around it must be said, beats Schumacher’s record, I’ll be more than happy to see him continue to be up front !

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Is it car racing or just engineering now, I miss the days of massive tyres, turbos and pit-stops you could time on your kitchen clock :grinning:

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I would like to see free choice at any time of what tyre to use, from tyres that could last the race safely but slowly lose performance, such that it could be quicker with optional, but not mandatory, tyre changes during the race. This would allow harder racing without worrying about “tyre management”, except for those extremists flat-spotting, spinning and burning (always some).

However, set a limited budget of total number of tyres per car across practice, qualifying, and race.

So perhaps all mediums, or 50/50 medium/soft or include a hard set as a banker - so flexible tactics become more possible. A neat idea might be to keep team tyre choices secret until visible on the car.

54% engine efficiency eh ? Still my beating heart , that will get them cheering in the stands. I don’t know what percentage a Honda V6 got in 1985 but I know which I prefer in F1. The tech is amazing , laudable and trailblazing but it belongs in endurance racing . As for tyres , who the actual *** ever thought they were interesting , part of the show. They are only remotely engaging when they blow - but what an absurd pantomime is a tyre designed to wear out in ten minutes. Q tyres are fine- except we dont have them any more, just tyres so cynically designed to wear out that I am amazed Michelin wants to have anything to do with the sport

Just watched recording of Harry’s race - CRACKING!
Had to feel sorry for Scott McKenna though - :smile:
Sooooooooooooooo much more entertaining than F1

I Think they should bring in BTCC style rules in F1. i.e. who ever finishes up front in the first race, starts at the back in the next one. That would make more fun of everyone trying to cut through the pack.

I agree Stevieb that would make F1 a bit more exciting

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BTCC is glorified banger car racing. The cars aren’t even quick.