Face mask confusion

Do you think iam missing something …took my car in for service wore my mask followed the one way system to check in desk looked around there was only 1 customer in there me to my left was 8 sales people sitting in a circle having there mothers meeting no more than 3 mtrs away got to desk plastic screen up single desk then at least 10 service people working away and iam the only one with a mask on…so you as a customer can give covid to any shop assistant /sales person so you need to wear a mask but they cannot give it to you so they don’t need to wear a mask and it seems the same in most shops I go into the staff out number the customs …iam confused…I do belive we all should be wearing masks at the moment…but cannot see the reasning behind it…

In B&Q tradesmen are immune from catching the virus, they don’t seem to care, all others need to wear a mask.
One builders merchant I went in, big sign masks must be worn before entering the shop/counter area, nope I was the only one wearing one.
Second builders merchants were very strict, everyone had one on (customers) seemed very strict, not staff though. Same merchants though I tried my best to not get near a youth (staff member) outside but he didn’t seem to care about coming close to me.
Local fish n chip shop, some do some don’t, they aren’t bothered basically.

My wife works for M&S and her store won’t let her wear a face mask, says it gives the wrong message ! She can wear one of the visors though, so maybe that counts ?
Mind you we are in Wales and face mask is optional in a shop.

Now, I may be wrong here, but as I understand it, staff working closely together, day in, day out, effectively form their own support bubble, so there is no need for them to wear masks. But customers need to, because they are not in the workplace support bubble - confused ? Me too really !

Having said that, my hairdresser wears a full-face mask - shame really, she’s rather pretty !

Yes but how big is this bubble do they take the bubble home with them…

My face mask gave up the other day (elastic strap snapped), so I went to buy a new one and wasn’t allowed in to the shop as I didn’t have a face mask despite me relating the fact why.

You should have used a face covering, so long as it covers the nose and mouth.
As in the guy in chippy I saw, he donned a handkerchief around his mouth/nose and it was long enough folded triangular shape to tuck the ends in over his ears, his spectacles held it there.

Yep, shop owners etc don’t have to wear masks, but customers do . . . and looking at the wassocks in some of the news reports is it a surprise that there are growing pockets of infection?

I read a hairdresser should wear a mask AND a visor - I had my hair cut last week and I had to wear a mask as well, but as I haven’t got a lot a #6 is relatively easy to whoosh round!

Some of these people might not have jobs soon enough…Karma.

Shop staff don’t have to wear face coverings, customers do. Since the covering is supposed to protect other people, it seems a bit odd that staff and customers gain protection from the customers’ projected droplets, but neither get protection from the staffs’ ‘emissions’.

The staff also seem not to observe distancing from customers. In M&S Food yesterday there was an “excuse me” about a millisecond before a staff member insinuated herself into the 2 foot space between me and the shelf to rearrange the crumpets (or was it the pikelets…).

I’m not getting in a dither about it but it does seem illogical.

Given that a simple scarf or bandana hanging over the nose and mouth meets the guidelines, I don’t think it’s too much of an imposition.

As I understand it, as long as you have stockpiled at least 96 toilet rolls, you are immune from Covid-19.


I agree with that every thing the government tell us is a load off S…T

Well that’s a load of BS.
They did not include 40 packs of spag, 30 tins of crushed tomatoes, and 10 cases of Pringles.