Facebook users (Spring rally photo album)

For anyone who is on Facebook, please send me a friends request to gain access to my photo album of about 120 photos from the Sunday (22nd May). On facebook search for Martin Gamble, my profile pic has our 10 AE MX5 as the pic.

Altenatively, try this link, it may work and then send me a friends request from there: 


Regards Martin

Great pics Thumbs up

 Sorry, just can’t be doing with Facething ! Any other way of getting a peek please ? Wink


I Agree to Good Job 

wicked photos mate, thanks for sharing :slight_smile: sadly none of my car, but lots of my friends :slight_smile:

Thoroughly enjoyed going thro those - ty Martin Thumbs up(just been commenting on FB btw)

Sorry Dee Pee, there are over 120 photos to upload onto here. Much easier through FB sorry. Oh and by the way, from the comments I have had, you are missing some good piccies. That is not me saying that, it is Facebook people.

 Thanks for the fb link. Nice pics. Like the inovative reg plates too.

For non Facebook users, I have now added my photos onto Facebook, please try this link;


Please let me know if the link works.

It worksBig Smile


Great pics.

Great photos. Think I need to give mine a wash.