Fancy a bit of chit chat / banter and keeping in touch a little more?

Hi everyone

Hope you are all keeping well and safe

Wondered what you all thought about us having a NWM WhatsApp group where we could pass some time with a bit of banter. I know we have the forum and other means to communicate and I wouldn’t suggest that the WhatsApp group would replace that… the forum is obviously where important stuff would go, but the WhatsApp group would be more of a place for a bit of social chit chat, jokes and general banter to keep us all in contact and lighten the current mood that is around at the moment. We all carry our phones with us and it would be much easier for us all to chip in with the odd comment when we are bored, something that doesn’t really happen on the forum.

I’ve run this idea past Jim and he thought it would be good and is happy for me to set this up if any of you are interested.

If any of you fancy joining in then drop me a reply on here and I will add you to the group. I’ve got mobile phone numbers for quite a few of you so will be able to add you, if you would like me to. If you want to join in and I don’t know your number then I’ll message you back and ask you for it. Once a few of us join then it will be easier for you to just get me to add those I’ve missed off via the chat

PS. If no-one likes the idea I won’t sulk too much and will continue to speak to you (probably :grinning:!!) when times improve and we all next meet up

Take care all and keep safe

Phil (and Charlotte)

12 members have joined in so far :grinning:

Please add Sue /Gra

Added both of you (Graham and Sue)


Hi Phil & Charlotte,
I have just joined WhatsApp, Marg already has it.
Could you add us both to your list please.
Ben 07738-851886
Marg 07712-480817,

Added you both (Ben & Marg)

Now 24 of us in the group


Hi Phil
You can add both of us already on there.

Added you both (Chris & Christine)