Farewell NBFL, old friend... and welcome ND2!

After 17 months of NB ownership, I bid a sad farewell yesterday to my first Mx-5. A bit of a wrench to let it go but it’s gone to a nice lad who seemed super excited to be taking it on so I hope he gets as much enjoyment out of it as I did.

The last pic I took, just as the heavens opened:



Which leaves me with the new one!



I picked it up as a pre-reg with delivery mileage and with just 300 miles on the clock so far,  I have yet to take it above 4k rpm. Look forward to putting the miles on and seeing what it can do. 

Entirely different beast to the NB, if I had the space I’d have kept them both. 

I’m sure you will enjoy your new car, it looks a beauty and hopefully better weather will soon be with us to enjoy it even more.

Cheers Don. 

Both very nice