Fast Forward Superchargers UK Register?

I was wondering how many Fast Forward Supercharged MX5s there are in the UK, and thought why not try and compile a list. My guess is that there might be 10 or so, but if you’ve got one, post some details below and we might get an idea - well of people with an FFS and who look at this forum anyway.

Mine is a ‘96 1.8 Eunos with a full standard MP62 kit and 115mm pulley. About 210bhp.

I have a MP62 FFS supercharger on my 2001 NB sport running on a Megasquirt 3 ECU. installed in 2015 and running well.

I wondered whether there would be anyone else on here. I know there are a couple of others in Essex / London, How have you got on with the Megasquirt and the 5th injector? Did you ever use the power cards?

I never got the power cards with the kit i bought, i bought my kit secondhand but never fitted, so it was essentially new. I had the MS3 built by Reverent in Greece, with full support for VVT and the 5th injector.

I am currently running with 6 injectors as there is room in the manifold for 2 additional injectors. They are programmed to only add fuel on boost and work well. Currently at around 200 whp, but have headroom to get more power by using a bigger front pulley.

I also have 2 programable chanels for the 5th and 6th injector on the MS3, the 5th injector is smaller and comes in first as the boost builds the 6th injector adds more fuel. been reliable for over 6k miles with no issues.

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Sounds great. I’ve not come across anyone using an aftermarket ECU to control the extra injector/s. Sounds like an excellent set up. I reckon you’re getting a bit more power than you would with the power cards as well. I’m making similar power with the bigger pulley - albeit in an NA.

Hi all just been reading the thread really interesting,I’m thinking of the ffs tvs900 coldside,your thoughts would be appreciated & are any of you living near South Wales ? Where I could have a look at a running kit if ok
Cheers :+1:t2: