Fast road brake pads - 30th Anniversary Brembos?

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __nd2
  2. I’m based near: __
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __ Who does (apart from Ferodo DS2500 and EBC brakes) fast road/light track pads for the Brembo calipers on the ND/Fiat?

Depending on quite what you mean by “fast road/light track”, I think you’ll find that all major brake pad manufacturers will do something a bit different to a run of mill “road” pad. What have you got right now? Have you tried anything different already?

I’m not normally a fan of EBC stuff, but that’s mainly a throwback to the early days of Redstuff and Greenstuff, which many seemed to regard as a joke. If I was going to choose one of their products it would be Yellowstuff, which I think would suit what you seem to be after, and at a reasonably price. I most certainly wouldn’t choose DS2500sm mainly because I’ve always found then to have a very wooden feel.

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Not tried any on this car as not fitted the brembos yet. Agree on the DS2500 I’m not a fan either, feel far too harsh and yeah, wooden. EBC seem to get terrible reviews for all cars.

Other cars I’ve used Performance friction Z rated, Mintex M1144, PBS, etc. PBS are too OTT for road and can’t see any from Mintex.

EBC Yellowstuff in the NC track car that I co-own actually worked pretty well, so don’t dismiss that option out of hand.

Project Mu offer some really good pads. Their HC+800 is a particular favourite of mine from my Mitsubishi Evo days, both on and off the track, although they may be a bit on the strong side in the much lighter weight Mazda.

On the NC referred to above we have aftermarket AP calipers and would always use something from the Carbotech range. For what you seem to be after I’d probably think their AX6 might work pretty well. They also do specifically track oriented XP8, XP10, XP16, XP20 and even XP24 compounds, but I suspect any of these may be a bit strong and/or produce quite a lot of dust, and even squeal if not used often in anger. You can also give them a call (Ian is the key guy on - 01758 885000) and he’ll be more than happy to talk things through with you and pass on honest feedback from many other satisfied Carbotech customers.

And of course there are the specialist MX5 traders like Roddison’s and Paul Sheard Autos that you might consider contacting.

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You could try a Brembo supplier - Performance braking. They offer a discount on Brembo Pads and can be found in the Members offers and benefits in the club magazines.

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Link doesn’t work? Cheers for heads up tho

Have a look here: Brake pads for MAZDA MX-5 IV (ND) 2.0 (ND6E) (184 HP from 2018 ) (
Some appear to be for the Brembo cars.

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