Faulty Number Plates

Hi all, Any recommendations for a good supplier of number plates? My previous set - produced by “Fastparts” have gone really cloudy after 3 years. The front is far worse than the rear. Tried cutting polish on the acrylic but it makes no difference. The plates really let the car down.  Fastparts comment was …That is just what happens sometimes !

My wife has had her plates on a Seat for 10 years …still immaculate, What is going on.

Regards JohnD 

Ask SEAT (the dealer) where they get their plates made up.

I had a set made up by my local Mazda dealer, about £30 if i remember correctly, nice having Mazda etc on the bottom of the plates, seem good quality.

Never had a problem with plates from here

Just had a set from PFC plates for cars. Happy with the plates arrived quickly too.


Any motor factor will make them up for you, usually on the spot. Produce your V5.

My local factor, Mills Autoparts, does them for £8 or £10 each as I recall. 


Never ever heard of plates going cloudy, or problematic, in 3 years. They’re having you on.





Many thanks for the replies. My wife pointed out  that I had transferred  the plates from a previous car (hence the ZED) so they are closer to 5 yrs old !!

After looking at Halfrauds and other recommendations I went with Number1Plates. Gave them a ring to discuss and ended up ordering a pair of Aluminium plates. Ordered at 1pm, e-mail at 4pm to say they were on the way, Post Office 48hr Delivery.

The firm were very helpful and gave sound advice on options.

Regards JohnD  

My rear plate on since June 2018 from Mazda has faded to almost a pale lemon colour! Will be calling in at some point!

My Roadster’s plates from Halfords are as new after 14 years.

No lamination, nothing.

No G’tee for quality now right enough.


I read the title and was expecting a thread on digit spacing.


Your JB is too close to your 007, or your F is too close to your 1, that sort of thing.



In my defence I’m waiting for a new pair of glasses to arrive. 


There you go. It’s Friday.

Image result for photos of 2 whiskey glasses

Mazda dealer


My local dealer wanted 30% more than Halfords 2 weeks back for our 2002 Sport which was in for a bit of a nose job.

Mind you, a pukka OEM plinth was only £2.00 more than a kinda dodgy Airfixy one from a certain well known parts supplier made by a certain well known manufacturer.

Back to Halfords! 

+1 on these!  Had a legal set made up when I changed registrations, also a not quite so legal set (show plates)too  excellent service, prompt delivery, well packaged, look really good quality. Not the cheapest but you know what they say…



As recommended by Mac5 I bought plates from Number1Plates. Aluminium plates , seem very good quality, and promptly delivered. ALMOST bought their embossed aluminium plates…perhaps next time…

It seems that Polycarbonate plates are almost indestructible, but affected by uv light. Acrylic plates are far more fragile, but have better uv resistance.

You pays your money…

I am just about to cut off old rear plate if I can find some heavy duty thin cord. 

Had MOT this morning. Passed with flying colours. 2008 reg 58000 mls, Daily drive and out in all weathers. (no garage)

Regards JohnD

Good result on the MOT John  nice also that you’ve “closed off” your thread with a positive result on the plates!