ferry crossings

 ok guys, is it me or am i doing something daft???

dont answer that!!!

we are looking at going to the spring rally, but we are having trouble booking a ferry from liverpool, going out on the 28th and returning on the 31st

just a thought, when we booked for france, we booked further out than this (timewise)

anybody shine some light on this i would be grateful

many thanks


 If travelling to Belfast from Liverpool, you will find that ferries don’t leave so often (Norse-merchant etc). You might find more crossings Holyhead or Liverpool to Dublin/Dun Laoghaire. There are also crossings from Scotland to Belfast or Larne. Not sure about any other crossings to larne. Larne isn’t that far outside of Belfast. Dublin is 60-90 minutes by motorway.


I don’t know when the ferries finalise 2010 sailing schedules.

 sorry saz, i should have put that we are travelling from doncaster, yorkshire


 Hi all in regard to Liverpool/Belfast crossing keep an eye on www.mx5ni.com for a reduced rate currently being arranged for the spring rally

 Any deals being done from Stranraer??

 Hi For us Eastern Area members Pembroke Roslare crossing is looking good. We are making a week of it, going on the Monday afternoon and returning Tuesday morning. Looking forward to it, our first MX5 rally. See you all there.

Trebor Red Mk2.5


Look into using TESCO club card points. You can use points for full payment or part payment if you have any. Go by Stenna Line on their  HSS Voyager as it only takes 1 hour 50mins from Hollyhead, or 119 minutes fromStranraer.

 goinog out on the 27th at 0800 and returning on the 31st at 1600 for two people in a '5 is













on which route?  Liverpool to Belfast?

Is anybody any the wiser re possible discounts yet? I am waiting to book up.

 holyhead to dublin

not for me at that price

 How does Liverpool to Belfast return for £111 sound with Norfolk Lines?

Deal is with Claddah Travel on the internet but does not include cabins and is NON REFUNDABLE and no changes allowed? Must be booked by Jan 31st…

I will give it another 24 hrs to see whether any deals have been finalised through the N Ireland team and failing that will get booked up


If thats a night sailing; top deal, but I would pay a bit more for a cabin. On board the ship, there is a quiet room with aircraft style seats, not great to sleep in, and then there is the bar, and thats it.

Good deals on that website:



If day sailing; well, you can do better; £79. Long crossing, bring a book.





Yes, that’s the website.

The price is for the day sailing. If you read the small print the £79 price is bumped up by fuel surcharges of £8 per person per crossing so in our case for 2 people return an additional £32 and hence £111 in total. The ‘deal’ is that you get the return leg for free (apart from the pre-mentioned surcharge)
I had considered a cabin since I wasnt sure there would be much to do on the ship which would bump the price up a little more but it still represents a £70+ saving whichever way you look at it

 This is essentially a truckers ferry, which I have taken many times before. So the passenger area is quite small, compared to typical car ferries, which might have a selection of shops, restaurants etc. There is a small shop, only open for a few hours. Not much to do aboard; they sometimes show a movie in the quiet room. Lunch used to be included, but now they charge for it. You’re not missing much. There’s a bar area, and slot machines. In the quiet room, there are some 3-pin power points, which is handy for running a Laptop etc from. All the cabins have normal power outlets. Depends where you are coming from, if the cabin is wirthwhile. because it basically docks right in Belfast, you’ve not got far to go at that end, to a hotel. But if you have a bit of a drive from Birkenhead (and the ferry point is difficult to find), might be useful to get some shut eye without having a cricked neck. Often you can purchase the cabin once aboard; £20-30 each way. They might throw lunch in with that.

 Hi Guys,

Sorry for the delay in responding on this.

I have finally got round to sorting out the Ferry Discount Offers and posted them on the website this morning. There are two offers on the Liverpool crossing. The best, is option 1, which has to be booked before the end of February. It will give you a day time crossing for £120 and an overnight crossing for £200. Option 1 can be booked at any time up to the date of the Rally and will give you 20% off the Standard fare. You will need to download the Excel file and send by Fax or email to Norfolkline. Despite some of the previous post this is not a bad way to cross the Irish sea. The boats have been upgraded over the last few years and while not exactly up to 5* standard there are not bad. The overnight fare also includes an evening meal and breakfast and the daytime sailing will include lunch. So at these prices you can’t complain.  



Hi, First of all, thanks for going to the trouble of negotiating these discounts. It is appreciated even though I may now appear to be raising questions!

One question about option 1 - you state £120 return if booked by end of February. The booking form then suggests that the fuel surcharges will be added on so in total that’s £152 return - for 2 people - if booked by end of February whilst Clannad Travel are offering £111 including surcharges if booked by end of January - in both cases, no refunds though changes could be made to your offer but not Clannad’s.

My question therefore is whether the rates you have negotiated include a cabin both ways?  If not it would seem to me that Clannad Travel still offer the best deal unless of course I am missing something…


I have tried to “google” Clannard Travel but without success. Can you give me details please and I will send your query to our contact in Norfolkline for their comments.


Hi Steven.  It’s Claddah Travel

See here  http://claddahtravel.co.uk/html/ferries.html#Norfolkline


 First… my apologies for giving you the wrong name. Doh!  {#emotions_dlg.embarassed}

Here is the link…