Festival Carcassonne July

There is a long festival in Carcassonne in the heat of summer. We are going to see James Blunt (I know, I know, but we do like him) on Jul29th, lots of other big names playing other nights.

Just debating about whether to fly and rent a hire car, or make a fortnight of it and take the NC. I am not into convoys or planning a trip with a load of other people, but just wondering if anyone else was interested in going? And if there were others going, maybe we could meet up for a beer or du vin down there.

Any interest?

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driven the MX-5 to Carcassonne and back a few years ago, as part of a central and west France tour taking in the Millau Bridge, the Pyrennees and a quick trip over to Spain just to day we had been!. Got ourselves immortalised on Google Street view while we were there as well.

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Make sure you are in town for a good view of the Bastille day fireworks display on the walls of and above the citadel (the Cité).


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Been down there before in July, but never in “Scrappy”, kind of talked myself into it, but being in Scotland it is a minimum of two days taken up travelling from here to the south of England and back.

We are also booked to go to the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool on Friday 5th Aug, so can work that into the plans for the way home on the same trip. Be too late for the 14th July though.