Fiberglass wings

hi, new here with my first mx5 (na) Can any one please tell me who sells fiberglass wings ? , or steel ones that are reasonably priced, i have a limited budget , hence the question, thanks in advance, kind regards

You should probably be putting MX5 NA wing into your search engine as there are loads of them and if you have already done that obvious thing and think 50 for a used steel wing or 110 for a new steel pattern one is dear in 2022 and that you’d get a glass one materially cheaper you are probably not being very realistic about the cost of running any mx5 or indeed any car.

Has it bashed the wing as otherwise if your new to MX5 NAs and you’ve got one where the first and most immediate issue you are addressing is a front wing then that’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. Wings do rust but typically not before everything else.

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sorry, i think you have replied to the wrong person, i have been qouted £360 for a wing, and the reason i am addressing this is because the car has covered only 16000 miles and cost me £500, thought i could sell it on, by the way i dont think i am you father, ask her if she remembers !

I’ve never tried MX5 wings, but generally have found over the years that second hand original panels fit better than new pattern parts but things may be better these days. £360 sounds steep unless its fitted and painted too

thanks appreciated, nice to have a sensible reply, thanks again

Dunno pal, you’ve been quoted 360 for an mx5 wing and then asked the forum for a quote on a glass one when all the details of all you need to know about buying oem new and used and pattern steel wings are 7 characters (mx5 Wing) in an internet search engine.

It’s anywhere between 20 and 350 to get one painted depending on if a baboon is doing it with a rattle can or your getting a professional to do a factory quality job in a metallic colour. That would be the same whether it’s glass or steel.

If it’s £500 and 16000 miles and it needs a wing it should have alarm bells all over it as it’s not the wings that are normally the issue.

Please remember, the Buy & Sell areas of the forum are not really meant for discussion…

Depends on the training and experience (and, crucially the species) of the baboon. And, of course, the quality of the rattle can.


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