Finally got it mapped - Dyno Results

Finally got my 92, 1.6 mapped last week.
Here is the resulting graph, what do you all think
Stock internals,
g19 manifold and downpipe to decat and janky exhaust

That’s impressive!
Did you do the work yourself?
How you finding the drive?

Thank you!

Everything bar the mapping and 1.8 flywheel/clutch swap has been done by me.

I can’t take much credit though as pretty much everything is bolt on parts :grin:

The drive is amazing, although wouldn’t mind getting the peak torque a bit lower disc the range

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Blimey, nice peaks but it almost looks like a na engine, with max torque at over 5k.
I’m no expert, but it may be possible to dial it back a little and bring the torque in earlier and for longer.
From what I remember from mucking about with small capacity engines it looks like a smaller turbo which spools up earlier and faster for a given ex gas flow would help.

Funny you should say that, I was chatting to the mapper last night about setting if we can get the torque lower down the revs, I feel it might be a bit more usable then

It’s interesting to note my naturally aspirated NCs make more torque and bhp. Yours will probably be lighter though, even with all the turbo gubbins bolted on, any idea of weight? I wonder which would be quicker in a straight line or round a track.

Weight I can’t even begin to guess.

Stock is what 950kg?

Both bumpers replaced with fiberglass
Both standard seats gone
Air con removed ( all of it)
Soft top removed

However - half cage rear, frame rails and the turbo gubbins might bring all the weight saved back up.

I’ll have to see if I can find a weigh bridge near by