Finished! (for now)

Spring 2023
Seat covers
Quilted carpet covers
Reversing sensors
Touch screen Sony Car Play unit
Chrome seat back bar covers

Soft-top cleaned, dyed and re-proofed

September/October/November 2023
Bonnet lift struts
Aluminium grill covers
New aluminium expansion tank fitted.
Cold air induction kit
Differential oil change
Gearbox oil change
Rear bumper and crash bar removed and rear rust treated and painted. Sprayed with Lanoguard protection.
Stainless steel Malian Sports exhaust back box fitted
BOFI rear diffuser fitted
Fyralip rear boot spoiler
Aluminium pedals and footrest
New boot floor heat shield

December 2023
Auxiliary belt renewed
Stubby arial
New fully aluminium Mishimoto Performance Radiator fitted
Silicon hoses and worm drive clips
Throttle body removed and cleaned
New thermostat
New FL22 coolant
Rust treated where accessible whilst components removed for new radiator

January 2024
New disc brake rotors front and rear
New braided stainless steel flexible brake lines
New callipers front and rear.
Brake fluid flushed and new Dot 4 fluid.
Revised oil dipstick
Revised seat-belt guides.
Maxton Designs front splitter fitted

March 2024
MeisterR Sportive coilovers
17" Japan Racing 7J ET40 wheels

April 2024
Replaced orange repeaters with clear


You have done in a year what I’m planning to do in maybe 5!

That’s practically a new car!

Do the quilted carpet covers make a solid difference to noise and insulation?

We’re the bonnet struts tricky to fit?

What coolant tank did you go for?

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:joy: I’m retired and have an obsessive personality. You should see my guitar builds/collection!

Quilted carpets - I haven’t noticed any difference with noise/insulation. Was more of an aesthetic thing as the carpets were tatty.

Struts - a doddle to fit (easier than the bloody radiator!)

Tank - Alloyworks off Ebay

Looks well , very good list of goodies :grin:

Just a thought… Smoked side repeaters ?

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Good call!

For me mate, they would sit right with the colour scheme.

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Thanks! My OG carpets are also tatty. And I’ve been looking at the alloyworks tank.

Agreed. Good shout.

Can I ask what seat covers you got and are they any good? I’m not a fan of leather seats but having been quoted £300 per seat to have them re trimmed in cloth i am considering covers.

I’ll try and remember where I got them and let you know.

What was the carplay unit like to fit mate? I’ve been wanting to do that for a while now.:+1:

Quite straight-forward with the right fitting kit/wiring kit.

Which make/type of rear parking sensors did you fit?
A mid I want to do with the card limited rear vision.

Just a cheap kit from Amazon. Work a treat. Only hard part is feeding the cable for the buzzer from the boot in to the cockpit!