Firefox 3 issues

 I’m having big problems navigating the forums using Firefox 3. Seems to take ages to do anything or just hangs and I have to leave the site and comeback.
Anyone else having problems?

 Firefox does this for me on many websites. I have to click stop and then reload.
I’m thinking of changing to another browser.

 I’ve only have this issue on another forum I go to. Same engine possibly?
Other than that Firefox 3 was the best security move I ve ever done.[;)]

Is FF 3 a full release or beta ?  I have been using FF2 on here and apart from not being able to find the smellchecker its been fine.

I have no idea, it just updates when they are ready. I’m on 3.0.4 and I use a third party spelchequer (British English Dictionary v1.19 - which doesn’t work in the new forum)

 I use Firefox v 3.0.4. and am not experiencing any problems. Don’t use a spellchecker though. HTH

 Firefox 3.04 as well with no problems

 Firefox = no spell-checker. [:(]

Firefox spell checker is an add-on [;)]

I don’t think it is. At least in v3 it isn’t. It’s a default component, it just doesn’t work properly in this forum.
Although, i just discovered that by right-clicking and selecting the ‘check spelling’ option it will do it (underline misspellings). Not sure why it doesn’t by itself as it does on other forums.

 It does look like it doesn’t like this forum much. If I deliberately spell a word badly it doesn’t immediately pick it up like it does on other forums. If I turn off and back on the spell checker it picks up the errors…


Not the Firefox spell-checker, the spell-checker tab from the forum - if you use I.E. you get a spell-checker next to the little “HTML” button above the text entry box when replying/posting, if you use Firefox you don’t, and the Firefox spell-checker seems to get disabled by the wonderful forum software.
However, us Firefox users do get double-line spacing when pressing “Return”… [8o|]

Double line spacing is standard across the browsers when the content editor is used

A single line can be obtained by pressing shift+return
Like so

This is a fairly common new standard for text input.