First car insurance

So I bought a 1995 eunos roadster g Ltd a couple of months ago as a project with my now late grandad who was a rally driver in the 70s 80s. Done a lot of suspension work on it, full respray and some other nice bits. Rubbish aside I get quoted almost 2k for this as my first car (I’m currently 16, 17 in June) whereas the same 1994 1.8 is only 1200. Anyone have any clue why? And does anyone have any experience with Adrian flux or how good a quote they could give me as they want me to phone for a quote and I’ve not got a chance to try, thanks.

I suggest wait until you are old enough to drive (full licence) before applying for insurance in your own right. Then if you can get an experienced driver (parent) as a named driver on the policy, normally brings the price down. In reality yep, young new drivers can be quoted high prices as you have said, plus some companies will treat the eunos differently, an import and impose higher premiums, some may not even want to insure you.

Well there’s a question, does anyone have a clue why?

I’ve been with Adrian Flux for years now (MX-5 and Bike), I don’t even bother to phone around at renewal time. Their renewal quote always seems reasonable. Maybe I’m just the risk they like to insure though.

Hi, I was surprised that you got a price. Considering all, 2k isn’t that bad. My daughter has just finished paying £1300 for a Fiat 500 and that was with a black box. Her renewal was half the price so an op, that you may not be thrilled with is to save the mx5 for a year and get yourself insured on something more sensible to get that important 1st years no claims.

Thought about this but probably more expensive to buy another car and insure it than just pay the 2k

Definitelt have an experienced driver (a parent) as a named driver to reduce the premium. This won’t affect your no claims bonus.
Set a low maximum mileage, say 8000 miles per year?
Call round insurance brokers who specialise in young drivers.
The higher your voluntary excess, the lower your premium.

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Hello, got a mk2 mx5 just recently without any no claims (second car), but was 19 at the time of getting insurance. Was quoted around 1300-1500 direct line as a single car policy before ringing them up to add it as a second car to my policy. I was also quoted about 1k fully comp mk1 mx5, but it wasn’t an import.

Hope this helps.