First Ever MX-5

Hello All,
After posting in the Buying Advice section, I received a lot of great advice and information.

I’m pleased therefore to let you know that I collected my first ever MX5 today. It’s a 2009 MK3.5 Sport Tech with hard top. Galaxy Grey I believe is the technical colour. Comes on 70k miles with a full Mazda Service History, 2 previous owners ( last one being a Doctor for whatever that’s worth?) also has had a full under seal / Waxoyl done. Bodywork is in excellent condition. Not so sure about the chrome fuel flap but the rest of the car seems pretty spot on.

Bought from a dealer so went a little bit over my budget. Picked it up from Stockport and drive home through the Derbyshire Dales to Nottingham. Lovely route home.

No doubt I’ll have plenty more questions , thank you to all those who replied on my original questions, really appreciated.

When I went to view it, I thought the online pics didn’t do it justice, it looks far nicer in the flesh than in the photos. I still think that’s true - the colour is deeper and richer than the pics can capture.

Having said that, here’s a few pics of it when I went to view.



Looks more metropolitan grey like my old sport tech , hard to tell from pics

Enjoy your car :red_car::red_car::red_car:


Welcome. I’m new too and loving how mine makes me feel about driving again. The club forums are excellent and reading has helped me realise what I’m not going to mod and how great it is to keep my car closer to stock for a while.

Welcome, look to have tracked down a good one there. The chrome filler cap is much sought after and worth a bit secondhand.

Welcome to the club and have fun - should not be too hard!!

And remember, top down as much as possible…

As Bally say’s not Galaxy Grey which is lighter. Nice looking car.

Thank you all for the warm welcome.

Apologies for mistaking the colour :blush:, novice error naturally. Filled up before the drive home and noticed that the filler cap has a Mazda stamp inside so appears to be an OEM part. Still not so sure about it but will leave it for now.

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