First MX-5, awesome car - Cheshire, Manchester area

Hello everybody

I’m Juan and I’m in the Cheshire East area (close to Greater Manchester).

It’s been a while since I bought my first and only MX-5, and I have read a few posts in this forum but now I’ve finally decided to introduce myself.

I got a 2003 NB mk2.5, 1.8 vvt in a gorgeous splash green colour (but never looking green in photos!).

General shape of the car is good, with the sills professionally repaired in June, and no rust underneath the car. I spent several days removing surface rust from the rear arches and rust proofing the rear and front too. All brakes changed, and new rear caliper installed, and front cleaner and painted (in black, I prefer to be discrete!)

As I love detailing and I’ve been doing it for years, of course I clayed and sealed the paint all around the car, and maybe, during this window of good weather in Christmas, I’ll get the DA polisher for a 2-3 stage paint correction.

And more things done (and a lot more to do!), apart from regular servicing etc.

Right now, enjoying driving it when the weather is good, as it is not my daily driver, and putting a smile on my face when sun is shining and I drive it top down!

Love the feeling of community around this car and I hope I could join some meetings soon, when it’s allowed!



Welcome! I am nearby, just past the airport on the way into Manchester with my ND, I also have an NA that resides 6 miles out west of Chester so we are sure to cross paths sooner or later!

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Always good to know other mx5 owners nearby! I’m 10 min from your area.
I’m a waver to other mx5 drivers (so far only one waved back!) so I’ll do it if I see you!

Cheshire East also, but further south in Nantwich.
Enjoy your new car, I’ve had my Mk1 Dakar 20 years next month and it still puts a smile on my face!
Have fun


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Hello and welcome… Enjoy your car and MX5OC…!

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Welcome, I am relatively new owner in Holmes Chapel (Cheshire East), so we cant be that far apart. I always wave :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys!

Also feel free to share good drives in the area! :smile: I’m based in Wilmslow at the moment, and I’ve found nice roads in the area (going to Holmes Chapel is a great road when it isn’t busy!)

If the weather is nice on the 28th, I am considering a roof down run up to the Cat and Fiddle and back.

Sounds great! Tomorrow?
It looks better maybe Tuesday?
Let’s keep in touch and it’ll be great to go for a drive

Yeah Tuesday does look better now with maybe some sun. Happy to go then if you fancy a ride out. I will let you know here.

Welcome, and be sure to share those detailing tips!

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Welcome Juan
There’s nothing like a first MX-5 - you’ll still be smiling whether you drive it 20 years or more!
See if you can get your pics as it appears to you. Like you see it.
Is it the original colour then?

Maybe not Tuesday, keep her tucked up in the warm!


Haha definitely not the day! We woke up full of snow in here too
I already contacted @J6NGA to meet a different day! :joy:

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Thanks @Brian_A!

I’m definitely planning to keep it for years (maybe take it to Spain one day and using it around home in the coast!) so I’m sure I’ll keep smiling with it for years :smile:

I love photography but I’ve never done car shoots.
Needs to find the perfect location and time for a good session.

And yes, original splash green. Except some rock chips on the bonnet and colour turned into a blueish shade in the front and rear bumper (UV sun light probably), everything is mint in that difficult-to-photograph colour

The weather is shocking for any rear wheel drive car, never mind an MX5.

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