First MX-5 just saying hello

Good evening all.

So today I purchased a 2007, 2.0 option pack.

The plan is to keep it simple, new head unit, eibach springs and geo setup, full service and 4 decent tyres.

The car is in good condition and has a full invoiced service history.

The only problem to note is on startup the DSC light flashes and the skid light stays lit.

I’m under the impression that this could be a battery issue being due to the car being stood for a while. Regardless of this it fires up first time.

Nice to meet everyone.

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Welcome along!

Welcome to the forum

Hi and welcome, i believe you turn on ignition without starting the car, turn wheel full lock both ways then back to the middle, turn back off then start engine and that should reset the DSC light. Prob had the battery disconnected or low power at some time.

Your in good company…I too have a NC1 2.0ltr option pack :+1:
When the battery has run low/flat the dsc light stays on. Just stop restart your 5 & all should be good.
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Hi and welcome to the addiction. Hope you have many happy miles in your new car.

Welcome, you could be the first new member to post on the new forum. Enjoy the car and the new people you will meet on here.

So today I had 4x Kumho Ecsta and the eibach 30mm lowering kit fitted.

The tyres have made a massive difference straight away as the previous owner had fitted it with a brand called triangle.

The car is sitting a little higher at the front than I was expecting, I’ve been told this should settle once I’ve put a few miles on them.

So far so good though.

Welcome, if your car as you say has been lowered it should not sit high at the front, who fitted the springs and are they aware of the twisted bush syndrome.
I’ve fitted a few lowering springs to members MX5s and they have never sat high.

They were fitted at an MX5 specialist (Thrussington garage near Leicester). They also race them hence why I went there as they have a good reputation and are local to me.

The staff there were really friendly and knowledgable so I’m happy with the service.

They’re probably fine, I was just expecting more of a noticeable drop.