First MX-5

Morning all - hello from Rioja in Sussex.  

Picked up first shiny new MX-5 (2.0L sport nav) nd  from the dealer on Friday afternoon, and enjoying it enormously the last couple of days.  I have a sneaky suspicion it may be the best 2 seat roadster I’ve had. It’s a joy in the country lanes!

Looking forward to finding a meet in the next few weeks for a look at all the other MX-5s I’ve missed until now!


Welcome  Enjoy the forum  Sounds like you have the MX-5 smile already! 

An afternoon around the lanes of Sussex, including Brighton and Eastbourne seafront hasn’t changed my mind,  and if any of the three MX5 drivers who waved as we passed are here: Cheers!



Hello and welcome to the club, have you checked out your local area, you will have been notified if it is either the South East or Sussex Downs when you joined up, I belong to the Solent Region  and join up with both of these areas on occasions

Thanks for the pointer fjohnw - will do and see if we can get along to something sooner rather than later.