First MX5 NC Power Mod

I’m only round the corner from you. I pick my Venture up tomorrow. I’m thinking of going the same as you Blink for tracking, manifold and remap. I’d be interested to see how you get on with it.

Maybe it’s London prices

Remap £600
Headers £450
Fitting headers £270!! 90 per hour

Total £1320

Will be buying the headers myself for £400 and fitting them myself, 90 an hour highest I have heard of. DIY option costs £1000.

My car goes in next Thursday so I’ll post again afterwards when I’ve had chance to put in a few miles. I know it’s not a turbo or charger so I’m realistic about the power gains but I’m really interested to see the difference it makes to how the the car drives and feels after the remap and mani.


I’ve just installed new door bushes, got instant 30bhp but doors won’t shut


Did you try them in the cups for fit or just simply bolt them in place

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They are ok to be fair, sometimes I have to open again and bang the door shut

Is it the same with roof down or window open?
I find I need a second go at shutting the door sometimes but only with roof up, passenger door shut and windows closed.
With roof down, passenger door open or windows open, there is no perceptible extra resistance at all.

Which did you fit ?

The ones from Mx5 parts

I fitted a cheaper option… the “just send it” versions @ £15.

They needed a little fettle with 320 grit emery cloth for perfect fit.

I have to say they are a good fit now, with a solid feel on closing the doors.


I would take them off and try them for fit in the “cup” where they will sit and make sure that they fit comfortably but not tightly first - by sanding a little if necessary. Then put them back on, with the screws not fully tight, so that it can seat properly, then tighten them up fully. I know they need to be fitted perfectly to get the best result and this seems to be the best way.


Yup :slight_smile:

Gosh, just looked those up, over twice the price of Cobalt

Fitted some on Sunday, both were a nice interference fit in the cups, though the passenger side is somewhat tighter and needs a firm shut . Cup and blocks sprayed with Silicon , sorry to tell you I got an extra 35bhp !

I have to rely on Shell v power , an opened airbox and knock sensed ignition advance for my extra bhp.
The bushes do mean a tauter chassis though :slight_smile:

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Hi all.
Picked up my car from Blink yesterday and I’m very pleased. The car starts and idles totally normally and there is little perceptible difference to the noise at idle. Map switching and the Race-Rom is really straight forward utilising the cruise control panel, the cruise control still functions normally.

Out on the road at low rpm the car feels and sounds totally normal. When increasing throttle demand the engine is now way more responsive and doesn’t get bogged down in the mid range. There is a pleasing change to the engine note and I would say that over the stock exhaust it is perhaps 10-20% louder. Certainly not shouty but a more determined pleasant and eager sound. It feels like a proper sports car now and the engine feels a lot more responsive with a more aggressive throttle response in the first three gears.
I have to say I love the throttle auto blip it sounds awesome and really speeds up the gear changes on downshift. Rev matching definitely helps smooth out some of the notchy feeling in the NC box. I can do this myself by switching to a different map but it’s just so good.
OK the numbers: +22bhp and +19 ftlbs of torque. Would definitely recommend this mod & Blink Motorsport. Along with the coilovers I think this mod is a must do for anybody wanting to enhance the performance of their NC at a modest cost.

Nasty old mani with pinched exhaust into the cat.

Much better. Worth it’s weight in gold.


Glad you got a good service out of Blink. I took my car there for alignment earlier in the week. I discussed upgrades for my ND, but they have not sorted one yet, but said that if I did a manifold swap and a ECU remap, it would affect the warranty, which n a new car is not good. You can probably has similar power to my standard car now and to be fair it goes well.

Enjoy your car!!

Thank you for reporting back! You appear very pleased with the outcome which is the point of it all really :grinning:
Now where’s my debit card? :thinking:


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Thanks Snelly

Went for another B road blast today along the English/Welsh boarder. I think on those kind of roads the car for me is now spot on. Meister CRD and this mod have put me where I want to be with the chassis/power balance. I had a look at a Corten-Miller Supercharged NC whilst I was at Blink and it looks fantastic, a very tidy installation. I just don’t know how you would use those 250+ bhp on most B roads in this country and not end up in a tree!
I think the ND2 is pretty good out of the box isn’t it? Maybe when your warranty is up you might get it tuned then?


I pondered long and hard about when/what to do with this mod but I can honestly say for the money this is brilliant. I know it’s a well proven path with upgrading NC’s but spending £1200 on my car whilst furloughed perhaps was not the wisest thing to do with my money however we all need something to look forward to. Can’t wait for Wales to open up now so I can get back on some quieter and more interesting roads…