First MX5, second car. Hello!

Hey folks,

First time posting here, just bought an MX5 a few days ago, and joined the OC today…

I got my hands on a red NB MX5 1.8i for £1,100… Surprisingly, the rust issue on it isn’t too bad, there has been some patch work, and there’s some bubbling here and there, but nothing that isn’t fixable should I do it reasonably soon. Despite having only driven it since Saturday, I must say, I am in love.

The MX5 is my second car, at 17 years old, so that makes the car 6 years older than me!

I’ve attached some pictures of it below:

Looking forward to putting time into the car, getting it restored back to the best condition it can be in!


Welcome and a nice little bargain! Fresh MOT as well.

We like a project!

Happy driving


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Hello Conn and welcome. It’s great that yourself and others recognise the value of the older MX5,s and are willing to put time and effort into them. For that as I’m sure you’ve already realised , you get a car that is about as much fun as you can get going at any speed that is also almost infinitely customisable .

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Hi and welcome to MX5 ownership !

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Yeah, fresh MOT, been to a few places, including SPA at Ilkeston (MX5 specialist), and the rust issues seem pretty good. Up on the ramp, most rust seems exterior, not too bad on the insides. Interior is pretty damn good, nice leather seats, etc. I’m pretty sure that it’s a £2,000 car in current nick. Can’t say I’m not absolutely buzzing about it!

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Hello Conn and welcome from Nottinghamshire… They are easy cars to fall in love with, providing endless smiles for your miles :slight_smile: And is a nice little project, and you’ll get some good advise here too… when you need it…!

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We like a steal. Obviously a good negotiator. Hope you bartered a good insurance as well.

Honestly, it was at £1100, no clue why, I was sure it’d be a lemon, seems not, so far…

Insurance at 17 is a bit of a downer, £1500 on the fiesta, +300 for last 100 or so days of policy with mx5. Insurance around £1200 next year hopefully. No black box either!

Very good. Had my first 5 at 21 and I’m sure I paid an arm and a leg for a £2000 mk1.

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Hey, welcome to the club and congrats on getting what looks like a good deal.
I got lucky when buying my NC too, which makes driving it even more enjoyable.

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